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Venezuela suffers nationwide blackout in latest power outage

Venezuela has been hit by yet another countrywide power cut, and the government and its opponents are blaming each other for it.
The country’s Information Minister, Jorge Rodriguez, says opponents sabotaged a power station, while opposition leader Juan Guaido says the government has failed to invest in the national grid.

Al Jazeera’s Raheela Mahomed reports.

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  1. Venezuela's economy descended into chaos LONG BEFORE any U.S. sanctions. Chavez devalued the currency by 1,000 in 2008. In 2010 oil averaged $80 a barrel, Venezuela's inflation was 26%. But Chavez devalued the currency twice that year! Chavez said it was all going to get better, much better, to the benefit of the poor [who flee the country by the millions to Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador – anyplace but Chavez' "Bolivarian Revolution and Socialism of the 21st Century"]! U.S. sanctions had nothing to do with that, and are, in fact, way too little, way too late!

  2. The corrupt government has done no maintenance for 20 years and instead simply stole all the money. This is what socialism gets you.

  3. And why haven’t we gone in, and fix this?

  4. Guido tweeted government corruption the guy swear in him self president without a election thats madness

  5. USA should avoid using the blunt sticks of bombs or sanctions as foreign policy tools. They will serve themselves and the world best by improving their own political culture. With or without USA as a friend or enemy, every country needs to work continuously to improve governance, for the benefit of people, the environments that provide us with resources, the trade that supports people, and for the benefit of all trading partners. These are eternal needs for human society everywhere. At present it seems like all the leading economies of the world (except perhaps the EU) are in race to the bottom in terms of political process. Bad leaders only live once, but corruption outlives the corrupt. Political reformists aiming to build politics and policies that serve their countries well need to play the long game. The Venezuelan people will outlive the politicians of our day. Expressing common hopes such as this may be "banal" or "trite" but in end, it is common hope that has the greatest power in human affairs.

  6. Thats ok you got free education. What can you complain about?

  7. And this jerk idiot Maduro blames the US, he should blame himself since it's his fault. What a lying moron this Maduro.

  8. Maduro also sitting in the dark ???

  9. Heartbreaking, it is in free fall, if people are smart they flee

  10. Everything that entered their airspace with malicious intents or plans will have to leave very quickly from now on

  11. The airspace will not be friendly to invaders from now on even those pretending to be friends are not.

  12. Pigs are always targeting weaker countries From now on Venezuela will be no place for uninvited guest flying over their airspace I will blanket their nation with a electromagnetic canopy that will deliver a karmic blow to anyone violating their airspace attacking their power grids from now on


  14. Venezuela the 21th century great depression era.

  15. In comparision with the new york black out, no one is blaming the leader of the USA.

  16. no food, no electricity, whats next? no water? no internet? or have they already lost those too already?

  17. America is a big reason why Venezuela is bankrupt!

  18. Same 8n New York? Sooo what you silly sand people …your movies suck….stick to fake news 😉

  19. What's the capital of Venezuela?


  20. Send AOC. She'll put up a couple of windmills and solar panels

  21. And the lights all went out in Venezuela..!

  22. Maduro should resign before it becomes worse. Its catastrophic already. Millions have abandoned the country. No electricity. High inflation. People can't buy food.

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