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Vicon Siren first look at GDC 2018

Vicon Siren first look at GDC 2018

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  1. It's now the uncanny hill. 😉

  2. cheers love the calvary is here.

  3. She doesn't even need dots on her face

  4. fake news…making people say things they didn't say…..wtf??? tech is cool, but that statement really fucked up my day.

  5. Seriously! I'm mean its an awesome progression of technology, but wait until this contraption falls into the wrong hands. Nev and Max, eat your heart out.

  6. imagine games like the last of us with this engine. just wow

  7. Gears of War 4 uses that tech already so it isnt next gen.

  8. so it can be rendered in real time
    so we will be able to run games on it :O

  9. it’s a big deal for TV creations

  10. in 5 years this will feel like it is PS2 graphics. 😛

  11. Thats a freakin big head, cant wait for japanese guys to make hentai ysing this😂

  12. skynet is near!!! awesome!

  13. Блять меня бесит и мне обидно – но почему только иностранцы могут делать такие ахуительные вещи????

  14. Next gen graphics for playstation 5?

  15. There are short instances where she does cross the Uncanny valley.

  16. What is this weird feeling in my pants

  17. Maybe we can replace "The Ellen Show" with these type of characters!

  18. It does look incredible, but I'm more interested in the music playing in the background of this video.

  19. the "siren" .. her body look so unmatched with her head size etc..

  20. look like lu han!!?

  21. I'm speechless.. (get it? Coz I can only type text 🙂

  22. What the??? What about the role of animators??? Are they gonna be ditched?

  23. まったくすごくなくて草

  24. The first thing I thought was fake news/propaganda. Cool and scary at the same time!

  25. Wtf it's not creepy it's revolution

  26. Thought it was a loreal ad

  27. "Making Uncanny Valley even more Uncanny"

    I don't think she knows what she is talking about.

  28. 精度の高いモーションキャプチャで、高クオリティのモデルをほぼリアルタイムレンダリングできるってデモにしか見えないんだけど

  29. this channel's logo looks like Abbot's one but reversed

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