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Video Appears To Show Alleged Atrocities By Turkish-Back Militias Against Kurds | NBC Nightly News

As Turkish forces drive forward into Syria, video appears to show alleged atrocities carried out by Turkish-backed Arab militias, including the execution of a Kurd. Multiple U.S. officials tell NBC News that the video and photographs appear to be genuine.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Video Appears To Show Alleged Atrocities By Turkish-Back Militias Against Kurds | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The Daily Telegraph reported that "Kurdish officials said rebel fighters intercepted a car carrying Hevrin Khalaf".[11] Khalaf was one of a number of civilians who were killed during the first days of the Turkish-backed military operation, with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reporting that "nine civilians were executed at different moments south of the town of Tal Abyad".[12] The National Army, a rebel group fighting alongside Turkey, denied responsibility for the killing. Hevrîn Xelef's death was one of many during Operation Peace Spring which began on 9 October 2019.[11]

    According to her autopsy report, she was beaten over her head and left leg with a solid object. This led to multiple bone fractures in the leg. There was then use of sharp objects on the back of her legs. Furthermore, Hevrîn was dragged by her hair which cause it to tear off along with bits of flesh. She was then shot in the head once and four more times in her chest.[13]

    Kurdish analyst Mutlu Civiroglu, told The Guardian that Khalaf's death was a "great loss", and described her as having "a talent for diplomacy".[14] Future Syria Party released a statement saying that, "With utmost grievance and sadness, the Syria Future Party mourns the martyrdom of engineer Hevrin Khalaf, the General Secretary of Syria Future Party, while she was performing her patriotic and political duties".[14] Khalaf was 34 at the time of her death.[9] A video which circulated on social media purportedly showed the bullet-ridden vehicle in which Khalaf had been travelling with translators and other Kurdish personnel surrounded by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels.[15]

    The Turks and Their Proxies love doing War-Crimes so much…. 😐

  2. Yet no one said a word when the Kurds ethnically cleansed Arab villages.

  3. its ok. they are on our side.

  4. Turkey pushed itself away from NATO for a few decades if not forever.

  5. The video says turkey calls the PKK/YPG terrorists. As if they are the only people to say they are terrorists. Go read the wikipedia article. They are terrorists according the US government. And yes the YPG is the PKK, how do we know this? because the US Director of national intellegence says so. So you have the US supporting a terrorist organisation against another NATO ally.

  6. funny how NBC does consider a car bomb in a civilian market planted by the YPG/PKK terrorists to be a warcrime. Instead a soldier being shot in a war is a major story.

  7. Turks, tough time is coming for you guys, run away.

    Love from India to all Kurds! Keep fighting, you will get Kurdistan sooner or later.

  8. I knew this was happened… i told my friends you dont need a popcorn kernel to tell you that they trained and gave there country weapons.of mass destruction which is humans with guns which is the same they did here with unregistered guns cartels mass shootings flood the streets with guns .. lining there own pockets while we get distracted by holiday shopping!! Football games basketball baseball hockey soccer gold ect …..

  9. I want to come save you…this is tearing my heart apart. Our PRESIDENT is a modern day hitler. This is so horrible AMERICANS are standing up to get out our PRESIDENT…..i would take in a family and my neighbor all say the same thing. Why cause we are AMERICANS and care about our allies and neighbors…we never leave a man behind. Know we are trying to get trump out….my heart is with you

  10. I have seen the video and it shows Turkish soldiers killing two female captives by pushing one over a cliff edge and shooting her in the head with a machine gun,the other woman was also shot in the same manner. Later in the video two captive Kurd soldiers were shot and their heads sawn off with a knife and then the heads were held up by the hair. It was murder and a war crime, as the Kurds were captives,unarmed and no threat. the Turks made no attempt to hide their faces as they smiled at the camera, so it would be easy to identify them.

  11. Erdogan supports ISIS and pro Turkish troops (Isis) are now back to doing what they do best, killing women and children in the most horrible way. Well done Trump you are a weak and stupid man. Erdogan you are now officially a war criminal. Boycott the dump that is Turkey.

  12. You stupid those guys are in an isis videoclip is the levant again

  13. I see allot of haters, I don't agree with this decision of Mr president Trumps but not 1 Democrat should say 1 word, you people won't even allow Trump to secure America's borders but u want him to threaten bombings against another nations border? Wtf is that? HYPOCRITES!!

  14. United Nations are quick to criticize Israel disproportionately to many other nations who commit atrocities like this and in Syria, Iran etc etc. Turkey still has not acknowledged their war crimes from WW1 against the Armenians. The Nazis said "Who remembers the Turks murdering 1 million Armenians? We can do what we like". Nothing changes unless the world leaders in the UN learn from the past instead of behaving as cowards in the face of arrogant world leaders who deny atrocities and focus on attacking the one democratic state in the Middle East that is attacked by surrounding bigoted states that abuse their own people including Palestinians without any mention in media. Here is a video of Turkish soldiers beheading their Kurdish enemies: https://www.israelvideonetwork.com/clips-of-turkish-soldiers-massacring-kurds/

  15. Here is guys…even more graphic video…. makes me sick in my stomach… literally…. https://www.israelvideonetwork.com/clips-of-turkish-soldiers-massacring-kurds/

  16. Turks have no problem with Kurds.There are 20 million Kurds in the world and 15 million lives freely in Turkey.terrorist organizations are very close to the border with Turkey(DAES,PKK,YPG…)Terrorists are threatening turkey.scares and kills people living at the border by launching missiles.Turkey needs to clean the terrorist organization for his own safety.The whole world is making silent and big news channels lie to it.usa and european countries support terrorism.History will remember and note those who support terrorism.fear the creator's punishment after death because you will not escape

  17. Turkey supplied isis for years…with fighters and weapins

  18. Death to Turkey support the Kurds don't abandon them!

  19. and democrats wanted or solders in that.

  20. Turkey was allways a human country in my mind never again

  21. Remember how the Kurds fought against the murderous Isis pigs.Now the US turns their back on them.

  22. So much propaganda on this video

    1. They show how an artillery fire hits an empty area inside a prison. Then claim because of this artillery fire imprisoned terrorists could escape and show a footage of their escape. However the link between the artillery fire and how it caused the imprisoned terrorists I assume we have to imagine ourselves. Why not show the full footage?

    2. At 1:10 the video shows a crying mother with her baby. Apparently the viewers are supposed to think that turkish forces are responsible for her misery.
    But the whole thing is staged. The mother crying for her baby has been exposed as fake by turkish media. You don't trust turkish media because it's propaganda? But you trust NBC News because it doesn't make propaganda? Or you trust the staged mother crying over her baby by those who support YPG ? Sure. Watch the video. The facts speak for itself. Make up your own mind.


    3. "Executing a kurd by the roadside"
    I have several problems with that. First of all let me say if the things are as it is said by NBC and the guy really was just a random kurd walking the roadside then this is to be condemned.
    But listen me now. YPG terrorists don't all wear uniforms as the guy in this video confesses and even himself wears civil clothers

    (Read the description of the video if you don't speak arabic)
    You can also watch footage of skirmishes taking place inside cities. Seeing YPG terrorists wearing civil clothes is not uncommon. So the point is, does NBC differentiate between a civil and a terrorist wearing a civil cloth? We don't see much footage right. Does he have a rifle or not? We don't see that in the footage NBC provides us.

    Regardless of everything shooting a dead body is still wrong and I condemn it.


  24. Trump is partly responsible for this by taking out US soldiers out!!

  25. Trump responsible for the genocide of the Kurds. Well done Mr Trump you can award yourself The congressional medal of honour. Your name will live on forever. You can die knowing that you Sealed the fate of the Kurds. Such a great admirable achievement. I bet you and your family are so proud.of this fact. Kurds on the extinction list probably all gone before the polar bears.

  26. This is a disaster… Trump has ceded control of the region to Putin. Russian arms and weaponry are flooding into Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc etc… Russian troops are on the ground in Syria and manning former US bases, Russian planes rule the skies.. .Putin is going to allow the Turks to ethically cleanse northern Syria of the Kurds paving the way for a reoccupation of Syrian land by Assad controlled forces… The bonus for Erdogan is that he can empty his lands of Syrian refugees and wipe out Kurdish opposition which will serve his political ambitions at home. Trump is making Russia great again and allowing Turkey to commit another genocide on the Kurds. The Americans will never find another ally in the region.. well done Donald!!

  27. MORE BLOOD ..on ''Don The Con" TRUMPS Hands!!! AND European Community…NEVER ..Let..This BARBARIC NATION (Turkey) In the E.E.C. ..

  28. These are the same guys that showed us a video of a gun event in Kentucky in 2017, saying it was video of Turkish soldiers killing Kurds, why should believe what they are saying now? I am tired of the lies.

  29. Trump is a good person not a Zionist…

    Turkish army and US army are on the same page

  30. USA provided weapons training and territory to the kurdish Pkk right on the border with turkey, who have been trying to get rid of the them for over 30 years. What else do u expect.

  31. The Europe is still in fear of Turkish people and their bravery. The European/Roman ancestry people are cowards just like their ancestors, they can't fight people with equal strength and only know fighting indirectly by drones, missiles etc where there is no loss of their lives being lost. The ottomans against whom their ancestors have fought and present conditions of Turkey are making them worried if similar situation arises today.

  32. Allowing Turkey to invade Syria labelling the Kurds as terrorists is despicable! Erdogan is ISIS! He has been supporting, training and funding ISIS and its affiliates! What is going on?

  33. Let us see if Trump would make good his promise about what his administration would do had Turkey gone off-limit.

    …forget what I said. We all know he will flip-flop as he always does.

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