Video game industry expected to bring in $152 billion for 2019

The video game industry made a splash in sales this year as they are expected to bring in billions for 2019.

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  1. Lol consoles, PC master race FTW!

  2. And yet Trump is out there saying video games are causing all of these mass shootings.

  3. Melannial babies are a great news readers for mama Melania the Sophia robot AI and the millennials generations sucked up by her mama robot🤖.

    IAM🤴🏻 gonna break you🤖 bonees jaw bones and spines of chirstmas box gifts adoption momas babies.

  4. The ultra normies commenting on this video makes we want to go knife mode on all these boomers

  5. We went to the arcade and played pinball games. I'm glad I grew up when I did.

  6. The industry won't get a dime from me.

  7. What about the buffoons that think video games cause violence🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Related to obesity, diabetes and low intelligence.

  9. sickening! people need to be more constructive with their lives. Life is NOT a game. READ THE CONSTITUTION , then maybe we might get our liberty back.

  10. "humanity down the $h!t hole" thanx parents for using the video game Babysitter, when your family don't make it through agenda 2one No one to blame but your selfs😃 KaG…."

  11. E Sports forget Hollywood dem Trolls


    watches Football on TV and yells at the screen
    pays 1k to watch a bunch of dudes in spandex throw a ball

  13. That's a lot of shark cards.

  14. im a gamer too and play on PC but all my games are free to play. So no need to buy a gaming console then buy $70-80 games to play for a few days only to beat it. LOL

  15. It's reached its zenith though, I'm honestly bored with every game and buy more books now, it's gonna need something more than extra pixels to continue growing

  16. You are not a gamer if you are playing a mobile phone game. I wonder if that number includes monthly subscriptions or twitch donations.

  17. To think I have contributed exactly $0 to the industry…………….

  18. 30 years ago my parents criticized me out of my job as a c++ games programmer, said it was a no-future job and silly…
    Sometimes we should not listen to our parents.

  19. Wonderful!! The next generation will be Experts playing video games.

  20. After decades of boomers complaining about Gaming… now gaming is overtaking sporting events and is now becoming America's favorite past time…

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