Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News

Witnesses recorded an incident where a white woman called the police on a black father who was coaching his son from the sidelines. Police found no wrongdoing and did not detain the father. It is the latest in a string of occurrences where white people have called 911 on black people who have done nothing wrong.
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Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News


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  1. She should be charged with something like profiling, harassment. I wonder if indigious people called the police like this how long before we get locked up

  2. In every single one of these videos it’s always a fat white woman

  3. People like her and many many others isnt new. In fact its gotten worse. Immagine if she were ur boss, co worker, manager or another like her. Think about the people at ur work. Ur immediate supervisor, manager (anyone whp has the ability to fire you). Its problematic and NO HR person or Company wants to deal with any of that. Jobs and personal/monetary security shouldnt be in the hands of mentally handicaped. Were they taking their meds…etc….! We had a mentaly handicapped person at work (Upon our surprise) was getting verbaly abusive, demanding, putting people down to their face. He fired like 5 people in a span of a week and fired like 20 others in the last 6 mos. Finally after people losing their jobs, houses, cars due to his mental illness. There is no rewind on that. He got fired…all these wrongfuly terminated were never contacted nor offered jobs or severances….its BS we gotta put up with this. Cops are limited, Work places are limited, courts are limits, lawsuits are thrown away…its all BS. You sheep need to wake up

  4. dial 911 for non issue… caller should get charged for waste of resources, time, and money. Or the very least, sent for a mental evaluation.

  5. That fat cow should have been slapped with a large find for wasting the emergency service's time. And for being so obese and ugly.

  6. Another crazy woman calling the police just because……..

  7. Black Man: Don't be out here coaching up your kids in public. It's apparently illegal.

  8. You know America is racist when a woman built like snorlax is that aggressive and ballsy with a black man. Confronting people then calling the cops when you think he’s nasty bc he said he was “done talking to you” a stranger he doesn’t know

  9. Black people who end up in these situations need to sue their white accusers. Maliciously calling the cops on someone can easily end up costing that someone their life.

  10. Golf cart Gail needs some Gosh darn Air! But she can't even keep her breath on a golf cart, sounding like an overstuffed pig

  11. America is very racist place ! Thank god I don’t live there 🎉 I feel sorry for people getting discrimination in 2019 shame on you go learn some history

  12. after reading all your comments I can only agree with everyone below. I have always strongly believed that calling 911 because of a non emergency should result in the person getting a ticket for the first time if they do it again they should be arrested. I live in a mixed apt complex and this woman called 911 because she was scared of a black man standing in front of the bldg so they could escort her past him and she could feel safe. she needs to be reminded that most serial killers are white men.

  13. She needs to go back Europe she doesn’t belong here !

  14. Nothing worse than people who can't mind their own business.

  15. Y r u panting like u ran a marathon looool! 😂😂😂

  16. Too bad it wasn't a black cop who showed up. Like to see that obnoxious woman confront the fact that she and her kind don't "police" the world according to their moods and fears.

  17. She's full of crap…needs a purpose to exist!

  18. She is a famous racist now i hope it was worth it, racist white whale.

  19. "He walked … in a loud voice" so they want people to be mute in a loud environment

  20. Calling the police for a non- crime is a crime.

  21. Why do white people feel like they can insult you but if you get smart or in her case nasty with her, they so offended they have to call the police. The man tried to avoid the crap and walked away and if not for the other woman filming, he might have gotten arrested.

  22. Bless all you decent people who speak out when they witness injustice , it is so important,makes a difference and encourages others to support what is right by example ❤

  23. The land of the not so free and snowflakes.

  24. Why are all these cases of white people calling the police on black people involve a white women? Literally so far I've found 7 cases on youtube and all are white women….women be crazy

  25. Let the trolling begin lmao

  26. So funny when these dopey arrogant racist idiots wave at the very instrument that will film their stupidity and ultimately lead to their downfall

  27. Izts sad that he had to explain himself to the police for something no father would have to explain to anyone and to have the cops doubting him… That said even if he was shouting at the ref or being beligerent calling the cops feels alot like crying to teacher! If someone comes in to my store and makes a scene I would try to deescalate the situation. If that was unsuccessful I would ask them to leave and as a last resort call the police! Golf cart gail is just an ahole!

  28. Why do people call the cops on people of color. We’re all humans so it shouldn’t matter one bit

  29. Get off the Cart & do some exercise cuz you a Fat Slob Gail 😀

  30. to the white woman that stood up for the injustice 👏👏👏

  31. CNN did a story saying we need to give these types of people a break and that we ruin their lives when we out them…. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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