Video shows two Iranian missiles hitting Ukrainian plane | USA TODAY

New video shows two Iranian missiles hitting a Ukrainian plane.
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New video appears to show a second Iranian missile hitting a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people onboard.

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  1. Sooooooooo sad😢😢😢justice..

  2. A missile can’t take down an airplane ✈️ lol I think there just making shit up as they go along

  3. Democrats want those idiots to have Nuclear Weapons?

  4. They commit murder, then try to cover it up. Atleast trump tard bombed an active threat and then announced it to the world.


  6. Iran become too anxious about the war. that they even killed their own people out of fear 😀

  7. 25 Million dollar system shooting million dollar missiles at a commercial airliner?

  8. And what will be done about it ,squat

  9. Need to start equipping all commercial airliners with anti-heating seeking flares.

  10. Iran's first instinct is to lie……….just stating the obvious.

  11. Those poor people aboard that plane.

  12. how do they accidentally shoot it down with two missles 😡

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