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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo First Look: An EV delivery van

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo First Look: An EV delivery van

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Typically at auto shows, the focus is on vehicles consumers can buy in the future. Or at least in the case of concepts, ideas that’ll trickle down into cars you can purchase in about five years. Volkswagen decided to show off a variant of its ID Buzz vehicle that’s for deliveries. Oh, and an electric cargo bike.

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  1. This is like watching the vw splitscreen bus start again.
    Look back now the engine was so slow compared to today's standards.
    The electric engine we have now will look like the splitscreen petrol motor does to us today.
    But iconic as the vw bus is. These first buses will probably be worth silly amounts due to there iconic look. Who knows.
    Kind of history repeating itself but in a new way.
    Vw have done it be for. I hope they do it again.

  2. Get on with it. This is what we have been waiting for. The electric combi. What is taking you so long.

  3. 2022? That’s the year I graduated high school 😂

  4. Everyone fantasizes about riding around in their toys when they were a kid soon you'll get to do it in real life

  5. jfc there are ZERO options in the US that are EVs and can haul a full sheet of plywood. I had assumed that the ID Buzz cargo would make it to the US but now I learn that they're only thinking about it? Meanwhile, most of the rest of the world has had the Nissan ev200 to schlep goods for years now. The Bollinger B2 is my only hope, it's probably also years away from ever hitting the market, and even when it does, it'll probably be outside of my price range.

    Why the hell can't I get an EV in the US that can haul a full sheet of ply?!

  6. Looking forward to get rid of my stinking and smoking dieselvan 👍

  7. Actually, in city stop-and-go, I kinda see the point of this thing. Of course Nissan has been building one for years, and likely at about half the price.

  8. How much is it in dolars americanos please???? ILOVE IT

  9. Properties which are not going to work in a Subarctic winter: low profile tires, confined fenders, low ground clearance, rear cameras, sensors, autopilot. All in all, there are too many "bells and whistles" in this concept car to be a practical and reliable vehicle for potential buyers in the Nordic countries and for instance in Canada and Alaska.

  10. What's the payload? Batteries are so heavy I suspect it won't be very much. There are currently electric vans in Germany with just that drawback.

  11. this should be obvious by now but evidently still needs to be said – emissions don't disappear, the electricity to charge this car has to come from somewhere. the greener the supply, the better. if you're charging this from a coal fired plant it's pointless. looking at the bigger picture, the way we use cars has to change – just replacing 100 million fossil fuel cars with 100 million electric cars will solve nothing. say goodbye to private ownership, it's obsolete and dangerous for the health of our planet. consumption overall must decrease rapidly. this will be tough for certain cultures to handle but the alternative is possible extinction.

  12. 0:52 lol 160 on an electric van

  13. It'll never happen. They've been teasing this as a bus for years. Still nothing. It's just PR fluff.

  14. So how many solar panels can I put on this motherfuker???🤔👍

  15. 2022? Right now, streets in China are now filled with electric cars and bikes for delivery.

  16. I feel like talking about this thing primarily as a delivery vehicle is ridiculous. There are already electric vans with probably comparable or larger capacities out there, the Nissan E-NV 200, the different Streetscooter models, in Europe there’s also the Renault Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E., some Chinese brand(s) also have Sprinter-sized electric vans out already…VW better make that thing revolutionary af or it won’t have a place on the market by 2022. Also, that e-bike is a gimmick. At least in the city where I live there’s been a ton of different cargo e-bikes doing deliveries for years, I don’t see how VW trying to get into that game is something to get excited about.

  17. 2022? with only 300 miles range?…lol able

  18. nissan has been making an EV van for years…

  19. What a crock of baloney. Volkswagen has been touting this electric van for eight years. It's always just a few years away.

  20. The range is a joke – especially in 2022…is that even a year?

  21. Emission free my foot (Wrong) Electricity is made by burning fossil fuels So the more of those are on the road you'll pollute even more LOL Also it needs to be charged for hours reducing the time of work…..

  22. If they made a westfalia version, there goes my savings happily. JC

  23. so cool, but I am very tired of seeing electric concept cars from vw… make one vw!

  24. Why do you allow advertising of ice cars on ev car shows. Shame on you

  25. '…in a few years…" How many times is VW going to 'launch' this thing?

  26. 2016, 2017, and now 2022????

  27. I'll believe it when I see it at the local dealer.

  28. V.W. Bla Bla Bla it has a range of 2,000 miles it runs on solar panels, free charging." Honestly trust us"

  29. finally an EV van i can live in !!!!

  30. VW will be out of business before they deliver a vehicle like this. Been promising this for over a decade…

  31. An electric van, why is Volkswagen the one doing it first? The demand for electric vans can be high especially considering the amount of vans in use on the road. I'm disappointed in the other car companies that are going for a luxury angle as opposed to utility

  32. It is more missing one thing. A ☮️

  33. cazzaro e bosca sono in unico ammasso di merda

  34. My futuristic hippie van dwelling can now become a reality!

  35. "An Idea" How about battery packs waiting at the station, then you change batteries and away you go. No waiting time. You can pay me royalties when its done.

  36. I'd get rid of the camera side view mirror and replace it with an actual side view mirror.
    I'd also drop the price down to about 15-20k USD per unit.

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