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Voters are the losers in the Wisconsin election | USA TODAY

Coronavirus hangs over Wisconsin primary, voters come out the losers
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With COVID-19 hanging over the Wisconsin primary, a failed attempt at delay, fewer polling places and worker shortages made voters the big losers.

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  1. With all the gerrymandering and registration purging, did you think they'd stop short of extortion? The solution is too simple, just sign on to the state's digital signature website and when you vote add the signature to an email that you send to the division of elections and cc yourself so you have a copy. You can print the email for your records and save the electronic version to send in again if there's a recount. If your e-vote is corrupted, you can send in the paper copy too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voting

  2. I swear this is not about the people anymore its more like Republicans own agenda. I know its important to vote but this is unacceptable at a time of pandemic. They're putting people at risk. This can wait you know. What a mess!.

  3. The parties don’t care about the people!!! Bernie cares about ALL people!!! Did you notice WHO stood up in THIS, the biggest of all crisis in our lifetime, globally speaking??? Not Biden, because he was not even able to finish a sentence!! It is Bernie, guiding and giving hope and fighting for the govt to help US! Wake up

  4. SCOTUS has blood on their hands ! Sad !

  5. Biden is a racist joke? Why did the African American community vote for him? Ignorance. Just like Trump voters.

  6. I havent met a single Biden supporter… I literally try to find them, I cant. Every Demonrat Ive talked to loves Bernie or Yang. Personally I like Tulsi if I had to choose one of the original 40 candidates Lol

  7. I dont trust biden nor trump

  8. how is this different than everyone going to the grocery store?

  9. No their not.This whole crisis thing …..A party trying to steal and election

  10. Biden is going to be destroyed by trump easily. Yet again Bernie loses somehow and we have another democratic nominee people weren't asking for. Another 4 years for trump landslide victory.

  11. fear propaganda BS. CCP paid for these lies.

  12. The GOP in Wisconsin potentially getting republican voters killed. Not sure I see the problem.

  13. I know at this point it's pretty much impossible for Bernie to win the nomination, but I went out with my mask on and voted for him yesterday here in WI.

  14. that is why constitutional monarchy is good especially during emergency. balanced between the monarchy and democracy is the way to go 😔

  15. All these primaries and caucuses are FAKE in leap elections years (when you have an incumbent president running in a second term). Anyone (either party) can vote for any candidate even one from the opposing party. They can basically pick the weakest link in the other party. That's basically sabotage, if that's not Election fraud, I don't know what is?

  16. Still nothing on the Biden rape

  17. Only people from Wisconsin think their vote counts. Even when they've been told shown and warned. Fixed means Fixed you moronic cheeseheads. But they pretty much believe anything you tell them if it creates a sence of belonging and purpose in their miserable lives. Rats in a maze always looking for that cheese instead of an exit. Lured baited, guluble and after ignoring self coranteen and distancing …next in line for another (die off). If you can't recognise what good for you after stern warning than I wouldn't want you deciding who's good for our country or state, if it really even counts anyway. Let's pray for for these fools

  18. Republicans had advocated for both state and national courts to keep the primary races on as scheduled so as not to interfere with the contests, but Democrats said holding the elections posed too great a public health risk.

  19. Fauci is literally a deepstate vaccine salesman. Tried to block the cure medicine CHQ

  20. If Wisconsin voters choose Biden, they’ve got more problems than virus on their hands.


  22. All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!!!

  23. We live in a rigged reality. Your vote doesn’t have any power.

    Presidents are SELECTED not elected.

  24. No way is that safe .people are out of there mines just don't go mail your in or don't vote. I believe in my right to vote but not like that .take it back to my family and friends…now watch in 10 days all the new cases blow up and the hospital get over run with the good voters..dumbest thing ever or this week. Then again the week not over yet …..

  25. This is the GOPs test run to see how they can undermine elections by weaponizing the corona crisis to their advantage. Out of the 180 polling stations only 5 will be open due to the epidemic fears. Therefore suppressing a large majority of voters from voting. Trump voters believe trump’s claims of it a hoax. Do they will show up to vote also the remaining open polling stations are located in republican districts. There is no way in hell trump and the GOP won’t steal the 2020 election, from the White House, senate , congress, governorships.
    2020 will be the most corrupt rigged election in US history

  26. This is so stupid. You basically have all the people that natural selection would have killed off having only their votes counted. Lets hope stupid people vote for the best person….

  27. Worst reporting I've seen all day. 🙂

  28. Awww poor liberals can’t cheat!!!

  29. Cheese and voting. Next state please.

  30. Bernie and Biden eh? Either of the two candidates? Doesn’t matter, Trump will dump truck either one of them. Trump 2020… he’s your president too!

  31. Republicans don’t give a damn about people’s lives, our Democratic Governor wanted to delay voting, due to the prevention of infection of the cov 19 virus, but the Evil 👿 Republicans said NO, voting must go on in person, we don’t CARE about your HEALTH get out there and put your LIFE in danger (voter suppression perhaps) that’s pretty much the size of it, how low can they go in the mist of ppl dying from this devastating disease and still they show no HUMANITY, ppl republicans must wake up and still you have families relatives, co workers, friends spouses who are ill 😷 or who have died, yet you still want to vote for this clown, how sadd and ignorant, the wickedness of this administration just never ends.

  32. I find it reprehensible and Unforgivable that you would post that headline. Especially from a newspaper called USA Today. Saying that voting is losing. You are a disgrace! Anti-American propagandist traitors.

  33. Republicans would rather rule in hell than SERVE in heaven.
    Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Is one who …

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