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VW I.D. Buggy First Look: Retro Electric at Geneva Motor Show 2019

VW I.D. Buggy First Look: Retro Electric at Geneva Motor Show 2019

The VW I.D. Buggy is a concept vehicle, made to show off how flexible the company’s EV platform is. Volkswagen’s point is they can adapt their electric system to make a dune buggy just as easily as an SUV. As a concept car, it does mean we won’t be seeing the I.D buggy the road any time soon, which is a shame because it’s dripping with throwback charm and we desperately want to drive one.

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  1. I own a 72 dune buggy!!! This is new and cool. I would buy it if it ever came out!!!

  2. Cool!  Sad that pet carriers cannot easily fit.

  3. It doesn't have any features bc they r thinking like this guy is it's not going to sell? u can sell this for 15000 I bet u it's going to sell. Plus if probably super cheap to make bc it has nothing else in it.

  4. When the bottom battery meets sea water, you can have a campfire party😄

  5. I think it would sell well and mostly on those rental companies for use on sand dunes, beaches, offroad courses, etc.

  6. Since The beetle go way … Came The bugyy VW … Plis ..i want

  7. I'll buy 4. That makes 117 purchases.

  8. it is going into production later this year. where did you get your info?

  9. Reminsd me of the Concept car Peugeot Hoggar…

  10. Id buy this. Had a dune buggy soooo. I like this design even if jeep and range rover and riv i an made them too. The later should do this…a rick crawler is just the halo ev they need to stamp their image on a sector niche. Get heavy into offroad and rec vehicle transpoet.

    My 2 cents…lol

  11. Well they are just dumb if they don’t actually make that

  12. Wow that was completely missing the point. The Buggy will be produced as it is very easy um put on the meb platform. Holiday resorts that want a green image will buy that thing like crazy and there will be many rental services on islands like Mallorca that will offer it for rent.

  13. Now theres a cool electric car i would like that i can't buy because they won't make it.

  14. New kart for Luigi at Mariokart9

  15. Frog girl is best girl, therefore frog car is best car.

  16. All these big companies making all these prototype vehicles and not actually producing anything, it's time to stop with the concepts and start making a reality

  17. Let's face it folks petrol cars are boring now soon there will be a time were you can swap out batteries, hack the computer to have better performance you name it!! Tuner electric cars! Shock heads instead of petrol heads lol it's an exciting time ahead

  18. Looks like something out of Rocket League

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