WA batters in the firing line on dangerous MCG pitch | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20

Play was suspended on Saturday due to the state of the MCG pitch after Western Australia’s batsmen were struck several times on the body


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  1. Imagine Thommo on this pitch. Ambulance please.

  2. Brings back memories of the WACA pitch against the Windies.

  3. Soft WA, you have a bat in your hand. Use it. Then again if Sids is getting the ball to rear up like that it is an absolute belter! Our Grand fathers played on uncovered wickets with no helmets and only a bat in their hands and courage in their hearts. I fear for todays generation of soy boys.

  4. The pitch has been horrible the last few years, now it’s too good

  5. Australian pitches are a disgrace probably the worst in the world, they simply just dont know how to prepare them anymore. Drop in pitches are the cheap kmart items of the game.

  6. Fekete laughing after hitting Stoinis in the ribs… that’s terrible sportsmanship. Should be asking the batsman if he’s okay.

  7. Good for Marsh it was siddle's dibbly dobbly hardly 120+ medium pace otherwise where that hit him it wouldn't have been good!

  8. So where is OH&S if it was a workplace they would be all over it,life threatening hazard right there

  9. Idiot pitch curator asshole

  10. Terrible commentary this…. Silence when the ball is being bowled!

  11. Imagine Brett Lee bowling in this pitch

  12. It’s unsafe because it’s not a road like every other Australia

  13. Wickets with spice are never prepared for test matches. Dead, dumb roads are prepared for test matches in Australia, India and New Zealand. But this is a dangerous wicket not a spicy one. Spicy wicket is one which offers sideways deviation

  14. A pitch like this should be the gold standard.

  15. Which day of match was it?

  16. For a good second I thought this was ozzy man reviews 😂

  17. Irrefutable evidence as to why Don bradman is the best ever by atleast a 1/3

  18. Starc Wagner or Ferguson with kill someone

  19. Did they stick trampoline mats under the pitch or something?

  20. Definitely a dangerous pitch.Siddle doesn't have that pace which can knock down the batsman but on this pitch he looked lethal.

  21. imagine starc or jofra archer on this pitch

  22. Stoinis is not test player he is just a kid

  23. This is still better than most local pitches

  24. With those graphics on the bottom I thought this was a game from the 90’s

  25. If the batsmen can't score and getting hurt BAN the pitch and if the bowler is getting hit for lot of runs pitch is flat, bowler should've adapted!! What crazy Justice is this!!

  26. Contemporary cricketers can't play on these pitches what a shame this is the reason cricket isn't a cricket now a days. Players have to learn on how to play these kind of pitches as well. They should have continued the match. Shame to cricket and for us to watch these kind bad technical players.😮😠😠😠😠

  27. Aisy pitch par poojara hi khel sakta Hain

  28. 0.02 repeat from
    0.01 🤣

  29. For a second there i thought this was an ozzy man reviews video

  30. imagine this happening on boxing day

  31. Wow what's going to happen boxing day

  32. commentators are annoying

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