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Wade, Archer battle 'proper Test match cricket': Ponting

Former Test skipper Ricky Ponting said the duel between Matthew Wade and Jofra Archer at The Oval gave him goosebumps, while he praised the Tasmanian for his gritty fourth-day century


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  1. One time Archer gave wade a massive bouncer to his head and near neck.

  2. Australian cricket is a bunch of loudmouth cheap cheater guys. I wonder how they behave in their families. Also why would the australian public cheer these kinds of cheap guys. I guess speaks a lot about culture back home. Ponting, McGrath, Symonds, Warne, and Mr ball temperer ofcourse; pathetic people who never deserved to play the gentlemens game.

  3. I see no one likes Jofra Archer is it because he's black typical white people and Indians they all hate blacks.

  4. Archer is very selfish cricketer. He looks like he is innocent bt he is mischievous selfish man.dnt trust him..

  5. Once again these comments are overrun by indians who think they own cricket #BanIndiafromInternet

  6. Expected a video of archer and Wade full of breaking bouncers and boundaries….not pictures….disliked

  7. AUS SHOULD HAVE WON THIS SERIES 3-1 but Credit to England for showing some fight when Aus relaxed in the 3rd test and 5th Test.

  8. Archer was like: If I can't get a wicket today I'm gonna have to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to steal the spotlight.🙈

  9. Archer seems to me like a bitch.

  10. I knew he would have to say akhtar lol

  11. Shoaib akhtar fastest ever and will be in next 100 years. Punter still not forget his fiery spell in Waca against Australia.

  12. How can you not discuss shoaib Akhtar when you are discussing the great see saw battles !!!

  13. Amazing battle.Competitive cricket at its best.

  14. Don’t agree with Ponting. Don’t need that kind of theatrics and rubbish in the game.

  15. Ponting always played short stuff with elan. He often carried a bad temperament but boy, wasn't he a great puller n cutter?

  16. He is typical vintage windies bowler nd test cricket needs such bowlers.

  17. Nice for test cricket 🏏 🏏

  18. Ponting looks like George W Bush.

  19. Jofra archer vs Matthew wade jofra is💪 pawerfull hit like👍

  20. Archer is no doubt a star! Cricket’s lucky to have him!

  21. Ponting handled Shoaibs bouncers really well overall given how quick he was

  22. Ponting beat but smith big best bat

  23. Archer is determined to do very well but the ECB will fail him, once Anderson is back in the Line Up.

  24. It was a fluke knock.
    Don't expect him to win even a single match for the team.
    Still Handscomb would be better option than Wade on any day

  25. Matthew Wade had a good ashes but he looks a player who is bit inconsistent

  26. who is agree archer have full attitude hit like

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