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Wagner goes head-to-head with Wade, Smith, Warner

New Zealand fast bowler Neil Wagner had some epic battles with Australian batters this summer, including Matthew Wade, Steve Smith and David Warner


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  1. What a bowler he is!!!😲😲😲

  2. That's real aggressive fast bowling. After Shane Bond, shoaib akhtar, Brett Lee I enjoyed his attitude, workhorse nature. Bowls in 130s, if he can add pace by 8-10 kmph his bouncers will be a nightmare to face

  3. By next year Wagner water down

  4. Scoreline was 3-0 to Aus, just in case for those who didnt followed the series and watching this after many years

  5. I like this is an healthy game between NZ Vs aus between players

  6. It would be good if Ind Vs aus test series on 15 Jan
    Odi is boring

  7. Hit them and then kill them with smile… Killing softly

  8. Bowl these deliveries against rohit sharma and he will be sorry 😂

  9. I wish I watched this live it would've have made me grin. The aussies almost work to make you hate them. Seeing this would've been enjoyable.

  10. Wagner’s bowling plan1 – he keeps bowling bouncers to the throat and get wickets,
    pla2 – he bowls few deliveries slightly on the leg side around waist/abs/chest area and in the run of the play the batsmen gift their wicket to the leg side fielders behind square bec they were expecting a short delivery, not in a position to play a good shot on a delivery in a different line.

  11. Neil Wagner is the white version of Jofra Archer

  12. Wagner is a pure labour. He runs in and bowls all day long.

    After long time i saw a bowler who can ball deep into Aussie's butthole

  14. Neil Wagner barely bowls 135 but causes a lot of problems for the batsmen. his effort & accuracy are unparalleled

  15. Its the angle and pace variation from the bowler. I observe that Aussie batter’s reflexes are well prepared to deal with pure pace but a sharp bowler has chances to dominate. Here some variation from the bowler has turned Wade’s arm into colour blue.

    Maxwell as well struggled against Hassan Ali’s variation in 2016-17 series

  16. If Wagner had 10-15 extra km's of pace he would have been fairly scary…

  17. Wagner reminds me all 90s WI BOWLING

  18. Why are lots of Indians here?

  19. If Wagner has speed around 145 km/h
    Australian would not able to play against him

  20. No balls are balled over 135+ km/h by wagner. But Batsman are not playing well. Brrilliant wagner

  21. Wade doesn't know how to leave a ball…

  22. I am waiting ind vs nz Wagner vs Rohit battle

  23. After this who is no. 1 king kohli Or smith. For me it is always the kohli

  24. Any team wants to get out Smith watch this video in dressing room

  25. That clap from him reminded me of wahab's spell

  26. He may only bowl around 130 ish but it’s the angles he creates which make him so good

  27. Wagner is hard working bowler. Bowling at only 130km/he but seems much faster…he's sharp not fast

  28. Why in the F*CK have 291 people disliked THIS? It's Test cricket in all glory!!

  29. Those body line deliveries were seriously threatening!

  30. Waaw Nice to see such bowling extraordinary

  31. How do New Zealand cricket players find sheep in Australia? very comfortable

  32. Last moment of this video was amazing, they were playing with good spirit

  33. Impressed with the effort he put in while delivering ball after shane bond he is the one who can be a greatest bowler for new zealand

  34. Where was he yet? I mean this is just top class stuff, Test cricket at its very best, thoroughly enjoyed Batsmen struggling. 👏👏

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