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Walruses Swarm Beaches as Ice Melts | National Geographic

Walruses Swarm Beaches as Ice Melts | National Geographic

Thousands of walruses gathered together in a dangerous “haul out” on the coast of Alaska earlier this month. Scientists say the walruses came ashore in such large numbers because their normal habitats, Arctic ice floes, are melting.
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Walruses Swarm Beaches as Ice Melts | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. NOOOOO! this really is unsettling. Stay strong my aquatic brothers.

  2. But you know, global warming doesn't exist right?

  3. How do such a huge crowd find food?

  4. (to the tune of the Narwhal song)
    Walrus, walrus in the Arctic waters,
    Causing quite a ruckus, because they are so badass,
    Walrus, walrus in the Arctic waters,
    Big teeth gleaming pearly white,
    they'd beat a Mosasaur in a fight!

    Like some sort of saber-toothed seal,
    A walrus ain't a cinch to kill,
    They're the vampires of the sea!
    They stop the Balrog whipping ye!

    Walrus, they are Walrus,
    Walrus, just don't let them kick your ass!
    Walrus, they are Walrus,
    Walrus, they rock a whiskery moustache!

  5. Such cute little things <3

  6. hmmmm tho similar sightings have happened in previous years throughout Alaska and Russia , now why is this any different,,, its not this has been happening for thousands of years and will continue to do so ,, the northwest passage was frozen iced in at end of sept and the ice sheet/cap has already grown 40% more than 2012.

  7. I know right!… All my freinds think I am crazy because I LOVE walrus's

  8. You don't know what I do outside of commenting & browsing for videos & I don't need to explain to you what I do to help nature because I don't know you & you're just not worth it. Just live your life & attend to what you do.

  9. Isn't it walri, and not walrusus?


  11. Robbaz… You should see this…

  12. The viking invasion has begun.

  13. Sad. Compassion must get past politics and and the profit motive, which are blocking efforts to keep this world liveable for all life, human and non-human. We are all animals,we all breathe the air and share the inhabitable space and edible plant and animal life. When the walruses go, other species will go. When they're gone, still others will disappear. Then it's just a matter of time until humankind is threatened from many sides. Their food, our food; their space, our space; their air, our air

  14. …says a couple hundred scientists mostly on oil industry payroll, vs. over two thousand independent scientists worldwide who say it's real and it's human-created. The debating is over and done, and it's time to get to work cutting back on carbon emissions.

  15. 0:55 Any1 noticed a guy on the right bottom?

  16. Team's losing AND his home is melting? Damn, Andy Reid has it tough ….

  17. Hi I know not many of you are to read this but I have now been inspired by the man who wanted to be a walrus and now i want to become a narwhal. I have reason to first because being a walrus you have to cut off your arms but being a narwhal all i need is some tape glue and rubber. After that I will almost be a narwhal i have already booked my flight on a mail plane to the arctic.

    A soon to be narwhal.

  18. They are gathering to summon the walrus king

  19. everbody loves walrus but nobody wants to be a walrus

  20. I have never seen so many Horkers in my life!

  21. Robbaz is gathering his army. Beware all who oppose him.

  22. "Nobody wants to be a walrus. Not even a walrus." – Robbaz, King of Sweden

  23. A walrus stampede you say? That would be awesome

  24. I never said anything about global warming. By respecting other boundaries I meant illegal hunting (poaching), excessive use of pollutants (such as fossil fuels), and expanding civilization to where animals are currently living (liking cutting down rainforests for a building, knocking out several species all together). Yes, the video may have to do with global warming, but i was speaking in general. However, fossil fuels do help to create the greenhouse affect which adds onto the sun's heat.

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