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Warren posts Facebook ad with false claims in latest campaign stunt

‘Media Buzz’ host Howard Kurtz discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ongoing battle with Facebook advertising.

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  1. She gets away with it because she's a Democrat.

  2. The FCC AFFIRMS they are not in the business of policing media

  3. Is she serious? Stop blaming fb for y'all lost, stop spreading y'all toxic to people. Tired of the all the bs especially from them bitter donkey's. The government has literally divided the people stir up so much drama, and for what? a vote? Smh!

  4. If Hair Furor can do it, why not?

  5. I'm not biased. Flush Warren AND Facebook.

  6. Watch e.warren's hands tonight. She rarely relaxes them, if she does they tremble like someone on methamphetamine, which would explain why she talks so fast and bounces around the stage.

  7. I have a real question? Why do the Democrats pay no attention to history? Or even reality. Such as the concentration camps in, China, Venezuela, Cuba and other communist countries. I don't understand why anyone would want that.

  8. anyone who would lie about being a native American will lie about anything.

  9. Meet Your "Democratic Confederate Candidate" … Little Lizzy!


  11. elisabeth warren dojte me mdhon end kan mor ket fjal sa te rritem edhe pak do te bohem demokrat ene kte fjaln o sali sali berisha qi na msove me dy gishta e shifshe onderr elisabeth warren sikur ishte u ene bojte fushat elektorale do ti jap i hale do ti jap i halil dumi

  12. Warren published an ad saying Zuckerberg endorsed Trump but immediately said that that claim was false, that it is the kind of false claim permitted by Facebook.

  13. Since when is Fox concerned over false claims? The support Trump and all his lies


  15. You mean like the NYT and CNN and MSNBC do?

  16. False? You mean she lied? 😮😮

  17. Did the video tell us what the false claims were?

  18. "its KINDA indefensible…" lol yall need to stop coming off SOO bias….tone it down you'll get viewers outside of then 65-89 year demo..🤦‍♂️

  19. We're all scared of Pocahontas she's going to go on the warpath she Indian. She tough. Trump 2020 KAG!!!!

  20. Fox will go down in history as a terrorist state run tv!

  21. Faux talking heads upset? Whatever upsets them must be good for America.Warren=next POTUS if Americans are smart and thwart Russian interference.

  22. I've never seen a non binary ciss native American lie this much since Pocahontas.

  23. I'm a citizen, and there is no way I'm going to vote for her.

  24. Everything about her is false!

  25. How much money they pay you to be in fox black guy lol what shame!

  26. Found her profile. Entered "Dances with Crooks" in the search bar.

  27. Omg! A lie coming from a candidate how new. Haha fox you just tell lies all the times. Are you jealous that other people can also lie to the public?

  28. Hahaha hox news doing the regulary durty job of laying hahahahaha keep the hasd work hox news

  29. Look at the bottom right of the screen to understand why FB endorses trump. js

  30. We miss you Shep Smith, Fox is nothing but a mouthpiece of the state now.

  31. Oh wait, so Republican's are against facebook and Zuckerberg when they are being censored. But when a DEMOCRAT PROVES this in her ad by saying Zuckerberg supports Trump, they attack her. WTF???

  32. Warren is a weenie lame poo poo

  33. So Donald Trump, with over 15,000 documented lies since taking office, is your hero? You can post a snarky response as soon as Mexico pays for the wall.

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