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Was Theresa May's resignation inevitable? | Al Jazeera English

Theresa May says she will stay on as a caretaker prime minister until a new leader is chosen.
Many claim that she put herself in this position.

Deputy editor of think-tank British Influence, Jonathan Lis speaks to Al Jazeera.

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  1. Here to comment on the thumbnail, but beaten to it 😂 but to be serious- rough days ahead

  2. Aljazeera journalists we know that U hate us. Though U hate us; you & your relatives are always behind US. Accept this reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Theresa May should ban BBC

  4. the thumbnail =
    My face when the girl i had a crush on the whole semester gives me a fake #

  5. Am i supposed to feel sorry for her?

  6. Abrupt May !
    Arrogant May !
    Cry and Scream !
    Crying Tears Only Relief for May !

  7. when you dont deliver all you can do is cry

  8. These politicians are all scums

  9. SHE IS A ZIONIST 🇮🇱🇮🇱✡✡✡✡

  10. Why Teresa May should leaves the power in my opinion now a lot of British people regret to leave UE and want to stay now !But it's too late!

  11. She should have listened to President Trump.

  12. The rest of the Torirs are not any better than May, for example, people like Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Gove and Andrea are even worse than May.

  13. God will humiliate all corrupted leaders

  14. Lol the Thumbnail hahaha

  15. The last part of the speech made me remember my grandma who was a drama queen when she did not like something and could act and weep at the same time.

  16. Souls of biafra children in 1968 she is crying ,more crying 9.2 earthquake will face theresa May .warning to British people bad time

  17. Al Jazeera beheading videos are so much better

  18. Is there going to be a good riddance party?

  19. You got caught spying on President Trump with British And US Intelligence. This Brexit is a Red Herring, you know the fireworks are about to start. Trump has given permission for AG Barr to release all documents. Papadopoulos was not the Patsy you thought he was. Wait till his transcripts are released by Barr, UK and Australia are caught in a spying trap, and the evidence has destroyed you PM May. You are certainly not “M” from the James Bond movies, you and British Intelligence along with the CIA and FBI are rank amateurs and comedians. Your credentials came out of Corn Flakes box, as did your PM abilities. So who is next Bam Bam Boris, give me a break. UK needs Nigel Farage US needs Trump, this is a repeat of 2016. Farage Trump tickets.

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