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Was Trump’s AG Pick Lying To Senate?

Was Trump's AG Pick Lying To Senate?

Trump’s pick for attorney general faced the Senate. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/L0Rr2kKhzhI

Read more here: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/ag-nominee-barr-promises-interfere-mueller-confirmation-hearing/story?id=60372261

“As the Senate confirmation hearing got underway Tuesday for William Barr, President Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin asked Barr if he’s prepared to be at odds with the president, for a ‘Mattis moment,’ a reference to former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ recent decision to resign over his disagreements with Trump.

Barr, who’s 68, said while he might be intimidated a few years ago, he wouldn’t be this late in his career.

‘I have a very good life, I love it — but I also want to help in this circumstance and I am not going to do anything I think is wrong, and I will not be bullied into doing something that I think is wrong, by anybody’ including Congress or the president, Barr said.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. How silly this whole process is becomes pretty clear as soon as you see him read his prepared answers.
    It's okay for a free statement, but an answer to a question you were just asked? He should be able to answer without cheat sheets (as long as no one is askind for very specific numbers or simmiliar things, in this case a few bullet points would be fine).

  2. He’s a liar🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. So, when he was 45-50, he would have? WTF?! He really matured and stopped being crooked in his 50's.

  4. Anyone else think that this AG was Judge Napolitano?

  5. Barr absolutely would do something bad. He advocated mass incarceration, and said it would HELP black people in particular. That sounds more like a dog whistle than an actual dog whistle. At least I can hear a real dog whistle without going "WHAT THE"?!?!?!?

  6. Id do what was best for me as well. use the connections you have to get ahead. if they start to sink. jump ship and keep your gains. than move on to the next schmuck and use them till its time to jump ship. The same way i feel about my loyalty to usa. id join which ever side best gives me what i want and jump ship if that side starts to sink.

  7. Sure he is going to let Mueller finish then He is going to strangle the Mueller's investigation !!!

  8. Oscar winning performance by a once disinterested small time lawyer.This is the audition of his entire career and what's a white lie? or 20?
    After Kavanaugh, It's pretty clear this stage show was a waste of time. as was the one before it.

    Cenk, you got it right again,Rethugnican equals LIAR

  9. Yes, every Republican lies and Trump is an asshole…can you move on TYT?

  10. 45 or 50 Jesus wtf? But a 15 can go to prison forever…

  11. He is a crooked gordo that seats, eat like a pig, farts and don't give a dumb about nothing but himself!!……😁

  12. Don't ever trust" gordos "with a sarcastic demeanor.!!….

  13. This guy is a very very bad news!! Another sad day for America when he'll be confirmed!!…..

  14. "I don't believe Mr. Mueller would be involved in a witch hunt" This is the top tier of government? "Witch Hunt"?? Please, stop using such low brow terms and have a little dignity so that we the people don't have to feel so incredibly demeaned day in and day out.

  15. Let's see – the orange idiot picked him and a camera is on him – of course he's lying.

  16. oh tyt…ur just insecure and trying to score here……

  17. I hope Cenk's right because that Mueller report is going to be AWFUL.

  18. Does a Trump prostitute piss in a bed?

  19. Can’t trust this Trump plant! He’s going to end up helping Trump, and then bury the report.

  20. Do they get the questions ahead of time? Because he looks like he's reading answers someone wrote for him or something.

  21. Hey Chunk – play that part where Lindsey Graham read the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They're gone as well as several other people – but Barr needs to continue to clean house in the DOJ and the FBI – i.e. purge the remaining biased political hacks who have tarnished the reputation of the DOJ and FBI. Start with slimy Rosenstein.

  22. Trump handpicked this buffoon, so we should already know what time it is.

  23. Hint, it’s Muller’s plan to plant a seed and take out the enemy within. Art of war.

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