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Washington Quake | National Geographic

Washington Quake | National Geographic

Seattle sits on the type of ground that would amplify the effects of an earthquake. Scientists can’t offer a firm prediction when the next one will happen… only the certainty that it will.
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Washington Quake | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Frank Gonzales tsunami expert worked for NOAA at this time. 2:23 He's a nice guy.

  2. There’s also the Cascadia Subduction Fault in the Pacific Ocean

  3. I was 2 year old now I’m 9 but my family moved to Sunnyside

  4. Actually tho the Cascadia (aka the big one) is gonna be a bit more damaging in Portland.

  5. Where my fellow Washingtonians at 😀

  6. You don't have to test or study anything. When it shakes, you shake. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

  7. the coming quake in Seattle is coming soon with in years . just a headz up

  8. I was at the skatepark skateboarding then I felt shaking and then their was cement breaking out the bowl and then I was running for my life

  9. I was in kindergarten and slept through it. about 30 minute drive from Seattle.

  10. yo i never know there was an earthquake here ps im only nine so i did not exist😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  11. my dad survived that earth quake and he was ALONE

  12. I was in 3rd grade in my classroom in Leavenworth Washington when this earthquake struck. And the best part? Feb 28th is my birthday. What a gift to get for your birthday. I had nightmares for weeks.


  14. I remember this I was in Elm school on air base I was at lunch eating and that happen I hate it

  15. anyone living in Seattle (or near it(like I am)) I think it is time to start worrying about earthquakes!

  16. 0:18 "ladies and gentlemen…" *earthquake starts* it was like he was about to say "ladies and gentlemen, I present you, an earthquake"

  17. that is not major (major is lots of building flat!)

  18. your missing that Seattle is in washington

  19. Haha my mom told me I was asleep during this! I was one and I live in Bremerton

  20. @madisonelectronic Wow, that comment was entirely uncalled for. What a douche.

  21. @BodyMovinPolarbear no were not beitch!!!

  22. In addition to the fault right under Seattle, there's the Cascadia Subduction Zone offshore. And when it has its next really big quake, it will probably create a tsunami like the one in the Indian Ocean in 2004 (200,000 dead) or off Japan (15,000 dead). And it won't just be Seattle that eats it then; it'll be California, Oregon, British Columbia and all of Washington state.

  23. @LilChaggz Dear Japan, shame that you didn't get nuked again,
    Sincerely, Seattle

  24. @AdvancedMarshall I didn't say it was your fault. People that went through that "earthquake" wouldnt stop bitching, and crying. Japan went through their earthquake and tsunami like a man! Japan's fucking awesome!!! And Seattle is weak… "Oh no, my mirror broke, now how will I put make up on my ugly ass face"- Seattle haha

  25. @TatianaOnegina2 Cause i love pissing dumb asses like you off lol

  26. @TatianaOnegina2 I never said that i knew all states in the country or can you not read? You call me stupid when you asked a dumb ass of a question, if you had a brain cell left you would look up where Seattle was before you commented.

  27. @movania89 wtf are you talking about, the earthquakes i been in happened during the afternoons and evenings. lol.

  28. @MrLeCro WTF? We have hurricanes almost every month? LMFAO. what an idiot. learn your shit.

  29. @snowbal12345 elementary school education… where? in america? oh, wait, i've never been there!! how surprising is that?

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