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Watch: Decomposing Dolphin Brings New Life to Seafloor | Expedition Raw

Watch: Decomposing Dolphin Brings New Life to Seafloor | Expedition Raw

There aren’t many people who would eagerly anticipate a phone call about a dead dolphin. Eddie Kisfaludy, marine biologist and National Geographic grantee, had the idea to try to document what happens once a dolphin carcass sinks to the seafloor.
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PRODUCER/EDITOR: Carolyn Barnwell
VIDEO: Eddie Kisfaludy and National Geographic Television
GRAPHICS: Chris Mattle and Babak Shahbodaghloo

Watch: Decomposing Dolphin Brings New Life to Seafloor | Expedition Raw

National Geographic

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  1. R.I.P dolphin 1 like = 1 prayer

  2. crab : is free real estate

  3. They have done deep sea decomposing video 4 whales n the deep they wasnt the 1st

  4. I think this is what happend to the bodies of those who died aboard the titanic

  5. Apart from human world, nothing is wasted in nature.

  6. They dont even show the full time lapse wtf

  7. So, where is the timelapse??

  8. The dolphin was still alive u can see the tail flinch in the begining

  9. Ah so this is where Mr.Krabs gets his secret ingredient, and looks like Squidward helped in getting it.
    (I assume by threat of being fired.)

  10. 6 months… What are dolphins made of?

  11. Slowly eaten….eaten away!!!!

  12. BBC did this years ago with a whale so not the first time lapse of a decomposing mammal. Wrong!

  13. They’ve been burdened with a glorious porpoise.

  14. I'm sorry. I watched some thing like this on BBC uploaded 2009. So…. this wasn't first. Hehehe peace!

  15. Niw they have a fking dolphin

  16. Can’t wait to see people yell about killing dolphins


  18. Everything that was eating that dolphin is delicious

  19. Better be eaten by fish than by maggots

  20. It was funny if you kill all animals

  21. Nice of you to "talk" about the timelapse video… so why not show it to us, hey?

  22. I'm still waiting for kids to comment 'poor dolphin' or 'animal abuse'

  23. Flipper Noooooo 😟😖😭😭😭😭

  24. "this dolphin just happened to wash on the beach"

  25. I thought it was whale decom.

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