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Watch Dogs Legion First Look at E3 2019

Watch Dogs Legion First Look at E3 2019

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  1. Post brexit? Great propaganda

  2. This is the ****ing th@t I'm looking for about 3 years

  3. "You can make a gang of all old women" I'm sold. The no protaginist approach here actually sounds really interesting and I'm excited to try it out.

  4. So many empty cars…lol.

  5. Is Watchdogs based on the GTA V engine?

  6. doesnt look as good as watchdogs 1 e3 trailer lol

  7. This is as absolute PASS. Remember what we we've been dealt before! The gameplay will most likely be dummed down from any and all footage we see before release, the graphics will be severely reduced, and the story will again be mediocre at best. Dont fall for it because we should have learned by now. Rent it or wait for a sale.

  8. For some reason i read it as watch dongs legion

  9. Man Ubisoft makes the most mediocre looking games out there…

  10. I just want e3 2012 watchdogs that’s it man it’s been 10 years of letdown

  11. This game is gonna flop like all the others 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Im not going to have high expectations

  12. The graphics look like shit hope it plays well

  13. Meh, no focus and feels bland.

  14. Why is everybody dressed so punk?

  15. Concept looks amazing. Gotta see if they can execute it.

  16. Awesome post brexit game ftw farage would be proud

  17. i can almost hear the bugs and glitches

  18. Brexit? Now I gotta keep up with politics? Dammit Ubisoft why?

  19. Why is brexit important

  20. The moment they put dystopia and post-Brexit in the same sentence they lost my money.

  21. As soon as he said Brexit
    ah shit, here we go again
    Please stop using games to push political views, we already hear enough of it every second of the day.

  22. There's no main protagonist? What if I don't want to recruit anyone? Who is the main protagonist then???

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