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Watch Joe Biden's Full South Carolina Victory Speech | NBC News

Former Vice President Joe Biden thanks black voters in South Carolina after winning the state primary.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Watch Joe Biden’s Full South Carolina Victory Speech | NBC News


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  1. President Trump has thousands of people getting turned away from his rallies because there's not enough room.. Ole Joe can't fill a high school gym. Maybe he should offer free hair sniffing. Or rubbing his hairy legs.

  2. Lines are being drawn in the democrat camp. You're either with the socialist commies and Bernie, or the rational democrats and Biden. So, which side will NBC choose?

  3. NBC News is PRO-Biden & the establishment corporation-funded wing of the Democrats
    NBC News is a subsidiary of General Electric, an arms dealer that wants war.
    Just watch what they do if you want more wars and tax money disappearing mysteriously into them.

  4. Watch and listen and half speed. So well said. lol

  5. Abortion is murder – I do not care what party you are representing – murder is murder to God – you believe in Killing babies created by our creator – you are a murderer! How about abolishing abortion – just think of all of the important people you are killing and will never have the opportunity to hear play music, write important speeches, lead our country into battle or save a persons life just because they lived and led a well taught Christian Life that believed in Jesus Christ and followed His Life Plans written in the Bible.

  6. This is so depressing . So many are going to sit out this election

  7. The system has been rigged against the middle class and the poor for decades now. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy during the Reagan era and the ability to use their wealth to influence politicians though campaign financing have allowed the wealthy to accumulate wealth while and poor and middle class have found it difficult to thrive.

    This has led to the political upheaval that resulted in Trump. People knew the system was rigged against them, they just choose the wrong person to help them and what did we get?  We got Trump, more tax cuts for the wealthy and more corruption.

    The top 0.1% are now obscenely wealthy and use their vast wealth to influence politicians and disseminate the message that tax cuts on the wealthy are bad for everyone and that any social program is the same as socialism and even communism. It is a ruse to benefit themselves, not the middle class and the poor.

    If you are trying to decide between Biden and Bernie, please consider Bernie. Biden stands for status quo. Bernie wants to rebalance the playing field to give more of us a chance to take part in the vast promise that this country offers.

  8. Go Bernie! it's our time!

  9. America gets a hug from all the Debbie's in Dallas!Persist the love and take back the zest!

  10. What a pompous bag of hot air,he will do nothing for the American people and to top that off he is another Zionist hoe.

  11. Corrupt democrat and media is getting Biden ready to nominee for Trump's food .

  12. How can any African American even consider voting for this compulsive liar? He LIED for decades about his involvement in the civil rights movement ! He LIED about being arrested in South Africa and he has lied about everything else! He is obviously getting senile! He also lied about overcoming a stuttering problem! Look at his old speeches! Not one stutter in any of them! He stutters because he is too old and when he lies!

  13. Thank God Biden has absolutely no chance what so ever at beating Trump! The democrats know Crazy Bernie would destroy our country and they will throw him under the bus like they did to Crooked Hillary at the last minute so Biden will get the nominee! Biden is senile and most days has no idea what he is running for or what state he is in! Obama didnt even endorse him! That should tell all of you something! Even he knows Quid Pro Joe has no chance! Time to do a REAL investigation in to Biden and his son! TRUMP 2020!

  14. Biden is a Corrupt Liar

  15. This Pedofile Creep is too stupid to find his own rearend… he has no brain..Disrespect this looser any chance u can

  16. Poor Americans they are never tired of getting screwed over by the democrats…wow!

  17. He has dementia, unfit to be president. #Bernie2020

  18. Joe biden: from the words of deadpool. I’m touching myself tonight.

  19. If Joe Biden were to shave his head…he would look younger…with kind of a Bruce Willis vibe.

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