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Watch live: Trump holds coronavirus press conference

Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a coronavirus press conference.

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Watch live: Trump holds coronavirus press conference


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  1. Someone hit Donald Trump in the face with a shoe next time 😂

  2. There is something wrong with his eyes.

  3. presidend looks very tired.

  4. CORVID2019 IS AGENDA 21

  5. Trump's Tanning goggle tan lines are super noticable in this press conference lol

  6. This should've been called the Boomer Virus

  7. Attention Marijuana users of the USA..
    All of that natural herb you love so much…was designed to make you 100% vulnerable to Coronavirus.

    This is a public service announcement.. plausible deniability.
    Have a great few weeks!

  8. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. That's the first tenant of the georgia guidestones for new world order. This virus means they have enacted their plan . 2030 is their goal for completion. Wake up and smell your own deaths approaching .

  9. Google georgia guidestones. This virus is the means to the tenants on that monument which states the population will be reduced to 500 million globally

  10. Google agenda 21. This virus is bioengineered designed to genocide 10% of the world population . Agenda 21 google it it's not a conspiracy they openly are telling us to our face. Genocide and tyranny under the guise of saving the environment. Dont reply until after you've googled it and spent 20 minutes researching it from multiple sources

  11. Trump been snorting cocaine again …🤥

  12. Why didn't Trump stay in his stupid TV fake reality lol hehehehe 😝

  13. Where did he get a small cloud on his head ?

  14. Where did he get a small cloud on his head ?

  15. It was a guy not a woman!!!

  16. Pence is a stiff pencil neck , they all are Corrupt liars !!

  17. http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/database/index.php?pageid=event_update&edis_id=EH-20200131-70586-USA 60+ ENTIRE NURSING HOME IN Washington State & Neb, Mass 371 affected, Tx 15 infected, Calif. 545 affected/contaminated. Mexico 6,500. Situation Update No.11. 3/1/20. Governor of Washington declared a state of emergency Saturday after a man died there of COVID-19, the first such reported death in USA. More than 50 people in a nursing facility are sick
    and being tested for the virus.Gov. Jay Inslee directed state agencies to use
    "all resources necessary" to prepare for and respond to the coronavirus outbreak. The declaration also allows the use of the Washington National Guard, if necessary. "We will continue to work toward a day where no one dies from this virus," the governor vowed. Health officials in California, Oregon and Washington state are worried about the novel coronavirus
    spreading through West Coast communities because a growing number of people are
    being infected despite not having visited an area where there was an outbreak,
    nor apparently been in contact with anyone who had. The man who died was in his
    50s, had underlying health conditions and no history of travel or contact with
    a known COVID-19 case, health officials in Washington state said at a news
    conference. A spokesperson for EvergreenHealth Medical Center, Kayse Dahl, said
    the person died in the facility in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.Dr. Frank
    Riedo, medical director of Infection Control at Evergreen, said local hospitals
    are seeing people with severe coronavirus symptoms but it's probable that there
    are more cases in the community."This is the tip of the iceberg," he
    said. [Without testing kits available, the diagnosis of COVID in USA is being
    kept hidden from the USA public, by the WHITEHOUSE GOV.]. The health officials
    reported two cases of COVID-19 virus connected to a long-term care facility in
    the same suburb, Life Care Center of Kirkland. One is a Life Care worker, a
    woman in her 40s who is in satisfactory condition at a hospital, and the other
    is a woman in her 70s and a resident at Life Care who is hospitalized in
    serious condition. Neither had traveled abroad."In addition, over 50
    individuals associated with Life Care are reportedly ill with respiratory
    symptoms or hospitalized with pneumonia or other respiratory conditions of
    unknown cause and are being tested for COVID-19," Seattle and King County
    officials said. "Additional positive cases are expected."Amy Reynolds
    of the Washington state health department said in a brief telephone interview:
    "We are dealing with an emergency evolving situation."A growing
    number of cases in California, Washington state and Oregon are confounding
    authorities because the infected people hadn't recently traveled overseas or
    had any known close contact with a traveler or an infected person.The U.S. has
    about 60 confirmed cases. Worldwide, the number of people sickened by the virus
    hovered Friday around 83,000, and there were more than 2,800 deaths, most of
    them in China.

    {See enlarged map, look for red/yellow hazmat icons} COVID 19 also in Neb,
    Mass, Texas & Calif. Click each date under SITUATION tab to see other USA
    areas, not given by POTUS /CDC. There are inadequate number of  testing kits, and ones used to test for the COVID virus  failed by CDC due to Trump laid off 1,600 scientists in 2018.  NY is
    creating newer testing kits in their own health dept. Feb. 8:Another plane carrying people evacuated from the virus zone in China landed Friday at a Marine Corps base just outside San Diego.The U.S. government-chartered jet landed at midmorning at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.No information about the number of people aboard was released. A briefing was scheduled for late afternoon.Those aboard are among hundreds of Americans who have been evacuated due to the viral outbreak centred in the Wuhan region of China.In addition to a previous flight to Miramar, other evacuation flights to California have brought people to March Air Reserve Base in Southern California and Travis Air Force Base between San Francisco and Sacramento.All evacuees are being quarantined for 14 days and monitored for any signs of illness.  Trump allowed these planes into USA with infected passengers among the non-infected and not enough testing kits for all to check. People released back into USA population without being tested.

  18. looky there, trump appointed pence responsible for the virus situation, they failed XD

  19. no indication of reinfection – yep time to get into a bunker and hunker down given thats already false!

  20. I did not sign up for an incompetent executive running the executive branch of the government. I might die, you might die, from a virus with this guy washing raw his hands. How did I get here? How did we get here?

  21. What I have learned since LUNATIC tRUMP moved into the WH is that when he accuses someone falsely, it is what HE has done or is going to do and it looks like this fallacy runs in the entire tRUMP family as WELL as the ENTIRE republiKKKan party!

  22. Trump has been terrible at these coronavirus briefings it looks like he is extremely tired from overexertion

  23. People don't no what's really going on, our reality is fear we are living in a world of fear .If it's not a new decease it's race when it's not race it's a new war on terror . WTF

  24. He is so out of touch with reality it isn't funny. NOBODY TRUST YOU WITH ANYTHING>

  25. Luckiest country in the world to have Trump as leader.

  26. A new group of standup comedians

  27. Trump, "it's all a hoax fabricated by the Democrats because they hate me!" Truly narcissistic man.

  28. Trump is so doped up on Xanax his whole face is droopy …left the aggression on the nightstand with the prescription bottle

  29. Trump came up with a solution for the coronavirus, repeat 3 times "shoo shoo bad coronavirus flu" If that fails throw Mike pence under the bus

  30. I feel like he was blackmail to do this interview this is not like trump his tone was so blah

  31. If you're a healthy person you'll go through the process and be fine? WTH does that mean?

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