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Watch live: Trump speaks at campaign rally in Ohio

Watch live coverage as President Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio.
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  1. Trump Trump Trump 20/20 people please get out and vote 4 more years Trump 20/20 USA USA USA

  2. America is so broken and our politicians are clueless. GDP increases with government spending so they spend more to raise GDP with money we don't have. We talk about fake unemployment numbers with 65% workforce participation. Insulin costs 10x only to Americans and that's good for GDP. Americans suffer more as GDP rises at the expense of price fixing in healthcare our politicians don't do anything about. And our politicans go on stage selling the same lie over and over like we don't know. We need Andrew Yang to fix America.

  3. The only thing missing from the entrance was a black cape and a black helmet. MAGA

  4. Trump signed $4.7 trillion of debt into federal law and most of it went to the military. MAGA

  5. They should have known Trump is different by the fact be drop a MOAB (albeit on the wrong people) during the first week in office. MAGA

  6. How great is Trump? In addition to killing an Iranian General inside Iran,
    he also (accidentally) got nearly 200 Iranian Civilians killed inside Iran.
    A few Canadians and Ukrainians were just icing on the cake. MAGA

  7. Thts why trump doesnt know hes evil its due to these type of people who support him. Disgraceful

  8. Hey NBC make sure shut the lights off tonight could be the last time. your ratings are dropping faster than Bill Clinton's pants

  9. He is so good, he is even making jobs in Iran

  10. nbc posts this sh!tty audio? of course they do

  11. Trump is such a liar. Lots of Presidents have classified meetings with the appropriate committed before taking an action that could lead to war. Trump doesn't know that the government works nor does he care. He's a political moron. He should put his own kids in uniform and sent them to Iraq.

  12. He needz this war……..Ukraine failed, North Korea would be a real debacle with massive casualties while Venezuela wouldn't be enough to gain long traction. Iran is the perfect war opponent.


  14. The STUPID leading the even STUPIDER!

  15. Why are we haveing a war me trumpy

  16. There are no end to CNN and MSNBC tricks to demeanour Trump, crap quality video and sound, so we dont watch it, shoddy video, failure to show crowd size etc. Stop your subscription to these BS channels.

  17. It should be called All USA stupid people gathering

  18. This guy still rapes girls under Zionist control

  19. The sound quality of the video is not good. Ill find a better one. Bye

  20. Everything he’s saying is true❤️

  21. Does these CREATURES from the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS who adored HUSSEIN OBAMA and the AYATOLLAH of IRAN as their "gods"…that there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of PEOPLE who follows the TWITTER of TRUMP more than those that follows the MASS MEDIA?

    Simply because the PEOPLE were DISGUSTED to their BONES by the non-stop reporting of FAKE NEWS 24/7 and the constant spreading of LIES and FALSEHOOD by the entire MASS MEDIA all over the WORLD.

    Sometimes…PEOPLE wonders if the ANTI CHRIST is already in our
    MIDST and in total CONTROL of the entire MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY all over the WORLD?

    Otherwise…how can you explain the ORCHESTRATED…SCRIPTED
    …SIMULTANEOUS and SYNCHRONIZED non-stop reporting of FAKE NEWS and the
    constant spreading of LIES and FALSEHOOD by the entire MASS MEDIA all over the WORLD?

    Clearly and obviously designed to
    BRAINWASH the MINDS of the PEOPLE everywhere. To FOOL all of the PEOPLE all of the TIME.

    The entire MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY were using the sacred FREEDOM of the PRESS as a lethal weapon to eventually ENSLAVE HUMANITY.

    But the PEOPLE finally realized the ENORMOUS amount of EVIL and CRUELTY the CREATURES from the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY were CAPABLE of…once they abandoned HUMAN DIGNITY.

    The PEOPLE were by nature a REAL SUCKERS for "TRUTH".
    They finally FOUND an alternative SOURCE for "TRUTH" and the REAL NEWS…it's the TWITTER of TRUMP.

    The PEOPLE knew that TRUMP is just like them. In FACT he is the biggest REAL SUCKER for TRUTH.

    Everybody knew that TRUMP is the only CELEBRITY who have the COURAGE and the BALLS to seriously and publicly QUESTIONED the ORIGIN and the BIRTHPLACE of the very MYSTERIOUS son of a MUSLIM from KENYA named…HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    Everybody knew also…that the political career of the obscure COMMUNITY ORGANIZER from CHICAGO named HUSSEIN OBAMA was "CREATED" by the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY when they proudly "PROCLAIMED" him as the new "messiah" of the AFRICAN AMERICANS.

    That is why the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY were very ANGRY with the PRESIDENT of the RICHEST country in the WORLD and the COMMANDER in CHIEF of the most POWERFUL Armed Forces in the UNIVERSE…DONALD J TRUMP.

    "How DARE he QUESTIONED the ORIGIN and the BIRTHPLACE of our very precious CREATION?"

    "That's BLASPHEMY?"

    Therefore…the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY must CRUCIFY the PRESIDENT of the greatest democracy on earth…DONALD J TRUMP.

  22. Your sound sucks, feed back. Going to listen to FOX. This is fake news channel

  23. I love America.
    I love strong trump

  24. I hate why he is not stoping people for killing aninmols and if the florist aninmols are dead then it’s his fult he is not good

  25. Looking briefly at this confirms the fact, that Trump remains living in his own personal reality. And for these idiots cheering him on, well it’s the blind leading the blind. The people attending this need to cast off their insecurities and start to understand how the world works and that America is just one very young country with the inability to comprehend ancient cultures, such as Iran. Iran is a nation much abused by America and it is up to America to endeavour to learn from Iran, not continue to destabilise it.
    If more Americans cared to travel outside their fractious land, they would have a broader view of the world & perhaps many of them would not attended such gatherings.

  26. What a bunch of sheep still believing this liar.

    Here are just some of the Tump lies that have been exposed. He lies over 70% of the time.




    Enjoy the read little sheep. Your safe space doesnt tell you the facts. Your safe space is the fake news.

  27. Gotta love how nbc does this with the echo only channel like it

  28. Obama derangement Syndrome

    "Iran was given $150 billion" ???

    CommieGroperFuhrer Trump is soo dumb

    1 The US only had $22 Billion of Iran's cash in US banks

    2 The $18 billion the US Pentagon had is rom the 1978 1979 $400 million weapons sale to Iran ONLY $400 million of the $18 billion was returned because the remainder was interest that we DID NOT pay to Iran

    3 The $150 billion is sanctioned money in FOREIGN BANKS

    Iran and their proxies stopped their attacks US troops & our allies during the nuclear deal.

    Iran allowed the US to pour concrete into 19,000 of 24,000 nuclear centrifuges North Korea has ALL 24,000 of their nuclear centrifuges CommieGroperFuhrer Trump said Iran removed the concrete from the 19,000 nuclear centrifuges

    How do you remove concrete from a blender etc??

  29. FOX NEWS has this speech and the sound quality is EXCELLENT!!

  30. NBC NEWS is responsible for the crappy sound quality.

  31. Trump 2020 🇺🇸 United we stand!

  32. From India.. Sound is horrible.. NBC thinks American people are stupid better switch to Fox News..

  33. You make me proud that your my president

  34. Get rid of term limits Trump!

  35. Great job President Trump ! And VP Mike Pence ! On to a great re – election in ' 20 !

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