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Watch live: Washington state officials update on first U.S. coronavirus death

Washington State Health Department officials update the public on the first confirmed U.S. coronavirus death.

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  1. So this video tells me just be careful of coronavirus and wash hands and boring crap as well #notsorry

  2. Mild disease can transmit -to create a catastrophic illness for someone else.If you are sick wear a mask for sure and call a health professional at once. High fever. Dry cough.

  3. Are these people for real? This Q&A showed how screwed Americans are, I hope you all are not expected to pay for testing.

  4. Wait, i thought we were going to die from Global Warming.

  5. Thank you for joining us . COUGHS IN HAND … this is the health officer … Get out of washington NOW !!

  6. They are mild and not seeking health care, but they are contagious.

  7. Must have been from the MAGA coronavirus party the person went to.

  8. This is a biological weapon released on the people by the government. THE GREAT CULLING

  9. Prevention is better than cure,so please wear masks whereever possible in public😷 Wash hand regularly when ever you visiting outside or before touching 🤲

  10. Blondie–"We have one confirmed case of C-VIRUS that has no relation to any flight or contact from any country that has a high concentration of the C-VIRUS."

    Me–"SOooo you said there is no transmission on a wide spread basis…but you did say you have 1 confirmed case, so that is a [transmission] and it could be in the hundreds by now.

  11. revved up like a deuchen

  12. CDC gov website is wrong. Yikes

  13. Here's the easiest thing to do go to website CDC.gov about coronavirus not freaking out about it because there will be a vaccine sheesh

  14. How come over 130 people do not like this do they think it is a hoax? Trump will have a lot to answer for……

  15. Im a bee f**k you humans us bees are coming back

  16. This is why Medicare for ALL.

  17. mother earth doing her cleanup of trash

  18. This is the first I've heard a state discuss the homeless in one of these updates. Thank you for not only keeping them in mind, but letting me know that you've got them in mind. They're one of my largest concerns in my area and my local officials haven't told me if there's a plan yet so perhaps you can set a standard as you move forward.

  19. Trump said a female lady in her 50s died not not a male in his 50s.. something is fishy

  20. How come SeaTac Airport is not screening arriving passengers for fever. All passengers arriving from foreign countries must be screened for this virus for precaution. They don’t even ask where they traveled.

  21. The doctor in china was 40 year old healthy and he died

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