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Watch the 49ers leave the field after their heartbreaking Super Bowl LIV loss | FOX NFL

The San Francisco 49ers leave the field after their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 20-31 in Super Bowl LIV.

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Watch the 49ers leave the field after their heartbreaking Super Bowl LIV loss | FOX NFL

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  1. This is what happens when you get too confident in a game it’s just a game but a game that really counts at the end of the day life is a game

  2. Those cheerleaders like “did we win?”

  3. 😁🤣👍👍
    Great season
    Get em next time I can't help but think about the interception the whole team celebrated like it was the winning touchdown and how that picture is going to haunt their eternity you notice that one player that was walking with his agent has his arm around his waist like yeah we're getting out of here anyways I got you a new contract LOL
    Can't take anything away from the 49ers unbelievable season great game but the chiefs were just that team this year

  4. Tough lost but that’s what happens when your offense isn’t in the same page as the defense, all the turnovers that SF’s defense gave should of been the offense’s time to capitalize and score points but they failed. Tough loss but important lesson that sometimes its not always a “defense wins games” type of game. Congrats to KC tho 👍🏻

  5. This is painful to watch. Twice I’ve watched my favorite team make it this far and lose. Still proud of them. Here’s to next season.

  6. Cheerleaders had no idea what happened

  7. Great game???? I guess a game only is three quarters for them

  8. Chanting were number 2 again.

  9. Na na na na naaa hey hey hey goodbye

  10. 😂 imagine going for the 49ers😂

  11. We just gonna ignore the fact she didn’t say great game when a black dude passed for most of it 🤔

  12. Bro the cheerleaders ruin the mood


  14. I still don’t see how they lost, the media claimed all week they were a shoe in.😂😂 no different than every day fake news. Yeah chiefs!

  15. Why the cheerleaders smiling????

  16. Why was the cheerleaders look so happy like they won😭the team mad and sad difference emotions and then there is the cheerleaders

  17. I guess the cheerleaders have to smile no matter what! Or maybe they don't even know they lost!😂

  18. I’ve been a niners fan my whole life, that game made me sick and feel gutted, but after seeing the sportsmanship between mostert and Williams, I feel a lil better. Niners will be back better and stronger, don’t you worry.

  19. For everyone ragging on the cheerleaders for smiling, I think they have to.

  20. glad The Chiefs won San Fran is a degenerate city.

  21. The fact how the cheer leaders are coming back

  22. Can someone tell the cheerleaders they lost 😂😂😭😭

  23. Everyone bitching lady said "great game" never played sports for a team…

  24. i kinda feel bad for em, they got super boastful on the field and took a picture like it was over and they are getting mad clowned for that and then they had like 9 fans waiting for them when they got back home.

  25. Are the cheerleaders auditioning for a husband?

  26. 1:46 maybe some of the 49ers cheerleaders are low key from Kansas 🤔

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