Home / News / Watch: Top Moments From Mike Bloomberg's Mayoral Debates | NBC News

Watch: Top Moments From Mike Bloomberg's Mayoral Debates | NBC News

As former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg prepares to debate his fellow 2020 rivals in Las Vegas, Nevada, look back at his previous mayoral debate performances from the 2000’s.
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Watch: Top Moments From Mike Bloomberg’s Mayoral Debates | NBC News


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  1. Bloomberg is a Republican! He's trying to hijack the Democratic Party and the Corporatists love it! Don't be fooled, people, Bloomberg is just the next Trump.

  2. 🥊🥊🥊 "Punching Bag" Bloomberg 🥊🥊🥊

  3. I was going to vote for you Bloomberg and sudden me to finding I'm unable to watch the debate. I wonder who would have a motive to prevent me from doing so?

  4. Two candidates from the same tribe out of 8 candidates is a gross over representation since their coethnics are only 2% of the population. 🤔
    Mini Mike gotta go!

  5. Paid the media and dnc to bypass the hard work of primaries and buy his way in without working.

  6. He (mini mike) says do what the swamp career lifers in government say, Not what the people elects you to do, not use your judgement just do what the swamp tells you to do. He must be the swamp candidate

  7. He (mini mike) thinks real estate development, construction is not really a business and all of the Hospitality, hotels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment industry does not require business????

  8. All the donations are tax deductible that is why rich people give and donate money to charity or unions etc.

  9. He seems like a decent debater. I've heard otherwise, but he comes off as confident enough and also sharp in his responses. He's gonna need that when all those communists, fake Indians and Alzheimer patients are attacking him tonight.

  10. For the longest time, Dems be anti white rich male corporatists, anti racist and race card thrown out @any moment.

    Nek minut – Bloomberg enters and becomes their man!

    Typical Dems – “do as I say not as I do” 😂😂😂 TRUMP💪🏾🙌🏾🇹🇴🇳🇿🇺🇸

  11. Sooo many Bloomberg commercials we should all be Brainwashed by November 👀

  12. Bloomberg’s favorite song is “she didn’t know I was a midget “ by DEVO

  13. Mike Bloomberg's Gun Control is so normal people can't get a Conceal and Carry permit in without connections like Donald Trump. Think about

  14. I'm a New Yorker. I voted for him in all those elections. New York used to be a rough place. Bloomberg really cleaned it up. The quality of life is much better now.

  15. The only difference between Bloomberg and Trump is that Trump does not have any experience in politics

  16. micro mike 2020 😂😂😂😎👍

  17. NBC you should be ASHAMED. This isn't Fair and Balanced Journalism, this is Corp. News pushing agenda. Where is BERNIE'S 40 years of Policies FOR THE PEOPLE? Bernie getting Arrested for Civil Rights? Pathetic.

  18. It easy when you get the answers to the questions beforehand…Watch tonight's debates..Mickey Bloomberg will start answering the questions before they finish asking them….Joe Biden is good at this.

  19. Was searching for videos on how Bloomberg has debated in the past. Thanks for posting. I can really see the bitterness in the comments but it's relevant footage for those who want to know what to expect tonight.

  20. Mike Bloomberg is profoundly currupt, evil, and diabolical. #F"ckRedlinemike

  21. Racist #demoKKKrats attack Black Man at bernie rally. Video posted indicate that the blow up was ultimately about the African-American man’s “Black Guns Matter” T-shirt, which the white  “Bernie bro” condemned as “racist.” #BERNIE SOCIALISM AT IT'S BEST!!

  22. Stop and frisk reduced crime in NY.

  23. Let's take a look back at Bloomberg's racist policies and sexual harassment allegations. Let's look back at how he was a Republican for most of his career and was buddies with people like Trump and Epstein. Let's look at how Bloomberg has bought nearly everyone in the Democratic Party, and how the DNC changed it's rules for him after he have them $300,000. Let's look at how NBC is getting millions in advertising dollars from Bloomberg and how that money affects the way they report about him.

  24. Nice propaganda piece how much did it cost him?

  25. Do we get to look back at any other candidate’s performances? Like say, Bernie repeating the same points for 30 years??

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