Watch: Trump makes announcement on prayer policies in public schools

Watch coverage of President Trump commemorating National Religious Freedom Day at the Oval Office.
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  1. I am an adult and a Christian and even I don't believe in forcing people to pray. They pray on my job which is wholly funded by the govt. The prayer is cringeworthy at best. It makes me want to yell and scream STOP trying to manipulate us thru self righteous prayer. We are the captive audience. I love to pray and do it all the time but being forced to pray is an infringement on my freedom of worship rights. If the boss ot CEO was reported to the govt for it….there would be a punishment by fines and the business might even lose licensure. ( Basically this company is violating employees rights.)

  2. Trump, your masters in Israel have burned down over 53 churches and monasteries, Christians are being persecuted by Zionist Israelis and you do NOTHING about it, the same way you bend over and spread your buttocks for Israel every day when your Israeli masters provide you with yet more lies in order to manipulate you into attacking yet another Middle Eastern country. You are a pathetic excuse for a man.

  3. Does Donald Trump really believe on God?? Does he really know who's Jesus??? I don't think so!!

  4. That moron don't pray if he did don't think his mush brain, could tolerate his raciest words, attitude against others !! Now he talks of prayer in schools !! Disgraceful fool to America, World !!!

  5. How can a man tell so many lies, and embellish the continuely without cracking a single smile?

  6. Everyone out !!!! Lmfao fascist pigs !!!!!

  7. trump bad impeachment=guilty bad bad orange man really baddddd

  8. My God i just cant stand listening to this lying fool

  9. May God bless Trump!! Public school prayer is much needed in this nation. Lets bring our kids back to the right side. Hispanics for Trump

  10. I 💜 President Trump ✌😊 🇺🇸

  11. Before presidency.. headline unemployment is fake news. After presidency, it's part of the only news that matters. We're in a 10 year economic expansion and Trump needs it to be all his.

  12. I want to puke just looking at him!!!!!

  13. stocks go up when trump goes out..of office

  14. There should be NO prayer in "public" school, that's what religious schools are for. He's just trying to win back the Christians. These same Christians who support the "Chosen One's mass 70,000++ abduction, abuse and terrorizing of children and babies, teargassing of unarmed families with children across an International border, stealing from his Charity for Kids & Veterans, destroying environmental protection laws which mitigate climate change just to make rich corporations richer. They are all corrupt.

  15. The Economy? Take a look at the debt load / deficit, it has sky-rocketed! And it's very easy for the wealthy elite to create a bunch of part-time jobs (without benefits) and other jobs and manipulate the Stock Market, especially when tells his buddies at swamp-a-lago that he's going to make some crazy announcement so they can all sell short – in order to make the #'s look good for him. He's their cash-cow!! NO Taxes, NO Regulations, Money Laundering – NO Problem. They can do whatever the H they want. It's a Gold Rush for them. The Stock Market doesn't benefit anyone but the wealthy.

  16. Here is where he actually speaks about Prayer in school….

  17. I OBAMA did this, the right would be claiming he is a terrorist sympathiser for allowing muslims to do their prayer rug thingy at schools

  18. I would never admit to being a republican. Omg…, Never, ever… … …
    and btw America is NOT the greatest country in the world.
    Exactly, Who is that skank anyway?

  19. It’s a shame that our president has to deal with a totally corrupt democratic party. What an absolute disgrace! There so many that should be executed for treason

  20. Who cares what this guy has to say? He's dishonest and on his way out anyway. Yawn

  21. pot calling the kettle black, dellusional narcissist

  22. A lying, cheating, racist, adulterer trying to legislate moral behavior?

  23. I believe that other world leaders say, "What have you done? This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen!" I just think they don't mean it the way he thinks…

  24. Employment is worse now than ever. Major corporations are folding, chemical companies are dropping. So huh? He is just being pressured so he keeps gaslighting and exaggerating his non accomplishments.

  25. That SOB is so blasphemic! Abortions, affairs, rapes, assaults, corruption, theft, lying, on and on!

  26. Can he speak without any lies?

  27. Trump, if you have a penny in your pocket you have all the prayer you need. that is all.

  28. I'm still waiting to hear the name of one of the companies out of 1000s that have come back to america.


  30. The witchhunt hoax that has all the evidence pointing at you

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