Watch: Trump speaks to reporters while departing White House

Watch coverage as President Trump takes reporters’ questions while departing the White House for the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans, La.
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  1. Best guy we've ever had taken care of business for the U.S.A. go Trump 2020.

  2. You gotta be stupid to support this president.. 😁

  3. He should build his Presidential Library now he's going to be pretty busy for the next 9 years as president Trump 2024

  4. We should invade terriost iran bomb there people to protect america VOTE TRUMP IN 2020

  5. Once again He shows the press gaggle 'who's BOSS'

    All the fake news media outlets are so pathetic, they don't know their hate Trump narrative is driving his popularity up!

    Hello fake news nbc👋👋 Trumpslide 2020 guys💄 💋

  6. Homeboy, SATAN is still an UNDERGOD, you will not win, NOT!!!!

  7. For those keeping score at home:

    Losers Remaining:
    ✔Michael Bennet
    ✔Joe Biden
    ✔Michael Bloomberg
    ✔Pete Buttigieg
    ✔John Delaney
    ✔Tulsi Gabbard
    ✔Amy Klobuchar
    ✔Deval Patrick
    ✔Bernie Sanders
    ✔Tom Styer
    ✔Elizabeth Warren
    ✔Andrew Yang

    Losers out:
    ❌Richard Ojeda
    ❌Eric Swalwell
    ❌Mike Gravel
    ❌John Hickenlooper
    ❌Jay Inslee
    ❌Seth Moulton
    ❌Kristen Gillibrand
    ❌Bill de Blasio
    ❌Tim Ryan
    ❌Beto O'Rourke
    ❌Mark Sanford
    ❌Wayne Messam
    ❌Joe Sestak
    ❌Steve Bullock
    ❌Kamala Harris
    ❌Julian Castro
    ❌Marianne Williamson
    ❌Corey Booker

  8. Why doesn't NBC investigate Epstein molesting little girls?

  9. He is totally worthless. She is worthless . His kids are worthless.

  10. This is what passes for press briefings now. It's been 307 days since there's been an actual press briefing. 307 days. I don't blame this administration, no press briefings means not having to answer tough questions or explaining the presidents latest scandal, lie, contradiction, etc.
    By the way, what are we paying Stephanie Grisham (the latest press secretary) 180,000$ of our taxes for when it's been 307 days without a formal presser? Eh… Who needs press briefings anyway? All this administration does is lie and gaslight and insult and attack and lie and gaslight and insult and attack and lie…

  11. Stock marker way up that's cool. my armaco stock is doing well. Wish I would of sunk into tesla .. still a good buy especially if your in for the long.

  12. The coming economic collapse will be caused by rising debt levels. As the U.S debt tops $23 trillion dollar, the overheated economy is indicating the upcoming stock market crash that will make the 2008 financial crisis look small in comparison. The debt of United States has reached $23 trillion dollar in less than a century and how the rapidly rising debt levels have all the potential to be the trigger for the next big economic collapse. In order to understand the next dollar collapse, we need to understand the reasons that have caused economic collapse in the past, most importantly the stock market crash of 2008 because it is the closest example we have got of a financial crisis caused by modern day economic principles and financial products. One of the major causes of the 2008 stock market crash was the default of sub prime mortgages, the housing sector collapsed and that triggered a chain reaction that quickly took down major financial institutions. It has been almost a decade since 2008 and global debt levels have skyrocketed, the debt of U.S has grown at the rate of almost $1 trillion dollar in the last few years and this no longer seems like a sustainable model to run the economy. However in order to try and make some preventive and corrective actions to save the U.S economy.

  13. look at their faces and bodytalk, all of them are incest!

  14. More lies? No? Say it isn't so!

    #Bernie2020 💖

  15. Quiet everyone, bigly dumb dumb is saying stuff.

  16. So far every comment except one have been lames with TDS; I still find it incredible so many educated (sic) morons abound!

  17. Title should be:
    Trump speaks to Reporters while departing the White House Permanently'!!! Buh bye

  18. whoever votes for this clown
    is the dogshit he trades in

  19. Lie after fricking lie! We waited for that little bit of nothing…………..Can the sucker!!!!!! He'll get off! Money talks!

  20. Islam go with TRUMP!!!! Kick comunists from russian china

  21. Trump to his aides: "Quick! Go gather as many people who might like me and have them cheer for me after I lie to the press"!

  22. DNC and the Clinton campaign conspired with the media to brainwash the conservative base into supporting Donald Trump in an attempt to help Hillary Clinton in the general election.

  23. I am looking forward to when the day he departs the White House permanent, comes

  24. Title should be, Trump Lies to Reporters On His Way to Cheat at Golf

  25. Why hasnt he had a White House press conference in a year and a half?

  26. Where's are Damned MILITARY TRIBUNALS for the Domestic Terrorists Democrats?….

  27. Living in my van down by the river

  28. Video starts at 3:46 Trump 2Q2Q

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