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Watch: Video Shows 2019 Ohio Bus Crash That Injured Several Students | NBC News

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released this video showing the moment a Perry County school bus overturned in December 2019. Highway officials say a car struck the bus after failing to stop at a red light. Eight of the students on board were injured.
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Watch: Video Released From 2019 Ohio Bus Crash That Injured Several Students | NBC News


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  1. これシートベルトあったとしても学生だから付けないんじゃない?

  2. School buses need to make seatbelts a regular mandatory safety feature to all school buses. Many injuries can be prevented and lives saved thanks to seatbelts.

  3. cruisin' down on mainstreet

  4. Wait, they don't have seat belts….. Are you having a laugh? They don't have seat belts. No seatbelt whatsoever. I bet the driver did……. wow ……… You can get arrested in my country for not having a seatbelt. If you're caught more than once.

  5. I swear if that bus driver hadn't been wearing the seat belt they would've had it the worst. Possibly even ejected…you know those doors aren't very strong

  6. All the bus driver's tissues n toilet paper flew out from under her seat at 0:26

  7. The Magic school really be crazy tho

  8. The bus driver was trying to help the kid during the accident

  9. My child will never travel in a school bus that is not equipped with a seatbelt.

  10. Yall wong for the thumb nail NBC…but this shows in a regular call a seat belt will save ur life…

  11. Love how NBC thanks you for watching children involved in a bus accident at the end of the video. Well, you're very welcome NBC! I'm glad you could make money from YouTube adds with content like this.

  12. until someone important has a child involved in an accident like this, nothing will happen.

  13. ドライバーだけシートベルトあんのふざけてんな。

  14. looks like if it wasn't for that guard rail, things could have been worse.

  15. These poor boys. And the driver. The fear. It looks like it was snowing. The other driver crashed into a bus of children 💔 the screaming. I know people who were in less traumatic accidents and they get real messed up from time to time about their accident. These poor boys. That poor driver will always feel responsible. Omg we never know.

  16. It’s not funny but I 😂 for some reason I don’t even no why even replaying jt

  17. The seat belt debate on school buses should NOW be over !!!!

  18. What's funny is the wreck isn't even that bad. Surprising and sudden no doubt. But the injuries were minor. Not sure why that kid is freaking out and screaming so much. Like, bruh, calm down.

  19. Why the children didn’t have seat belts on. The law Require that everyone wear seatbelts

  20. a sincere THANK YOU to the producer who uploaded this clip for showing the very end of the clip, where one student did manage to successfully force upon the roof panel and provide an escape….I was rooting for them to do that for a good half-minute and felt SO vindicated & relieved seeing that grateful moment on camera! KUDOS

  21. So thats what it looks like on the inside of a car crash..

  22. They put seat belts in the vans they use to transport prisons on death row but won't put them in a school bus.

  23. No seat belts that what happens

  24. dumb burn out drunken texters . he wont be getting his license back.

  25. Screaming for a Big Mac isn't going to help the situation…

  26. Wow. Can’t believe that they were in a state that doesn’t require bus seatbelts. There needs to be said seatbelts effective immediately.

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