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Wealthy Investors Playing The Victim In Housing Crisis

Wealthy Investors Playing The Victim In Housing Crisis

Rich investors are demolishing affordable housing to build luxury apartments that remain empty because no one can afford them. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. https://www.tyt.com/ana

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  1. Tear that shit down and build places that most people can afford and actually live in.

  2. thanks ana!… spot on!… we need more passionate, smart, people who want fairness for all and will fight against the greedy, corrupt people and systems of the world!… it's wake up and revolution time!! 🙂

  3. California has a chance to fix this with SB-50, but the NIMBYs don't want to change the "character of the neighborhood." Single family housing and sprawl are unsustainable.

  4. Whiskey enfused with…what! Who the f#:k would drink that? Idiots! Please stop!

  5. welcome to the new gilded age.

  6. The new construction is not affordable housing because unless you can make a lot of units you can’t make lots of units with lots of regulations with limits this housing. Just actually incentive them and stop criticizing them when’s it your environmental regulations next greed. Criticizing foreign capital from coming into your state is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Please let’s have a debate Anna you said you would.

  7. The worse for me is all the neighborhoods going up with $800k houses sandwiched together on .25 acre lots.

  8. Anyone interested in the housing crisis needs to familiarize herself with the works of Henry George.

  9. Well it's primaraly Demacratic city's that look like 3rd world countries. Glade to see thay are calling out the shitty goverment in California. It's regulated and taxed that state to the brink. And it's over developed high market housing is just the Icing on the cake.

  10. Finally someone is pointing out the foreign investor and how they are bypassing the owner affidavit without repercussions is not ever addressed either. But China closed it's channels, which is one of the reasons we are seeing the market drying

  11. An irony… Right after I watch this epic video from Ana, an AirBNB commercial played.
    Greed is America's biggest problem…

  12. why aren't people there squatting?

  13. Not enough millionaires to pay for all the luxury housing.

  14. What about public health issues, isn't there a risk for all kinds of diseases when such high numbers of people are homeless. Also a risk for people who have a home. And when there are so many vacant homes and so many homeless isn't it an option to start squatting. And when indicted for that start arguing the public health argument in defense.

  15. The bigger story is Los Angeles is riddled with fecal matter because liberals can't run shit.

  16. Come on and invest in “laundromat” real state to wash your dirty money in Los Angeles.

  17. You see more people across the US living in campers because the cost of housing is unreal. This shows that America is not the best when it comes to affordability.

  18. No talk about the Federal Reserve? Really? Why are homes so expensive? Because interest rates are artificially low. TYT doesn't talk about the Fed because they want the fed to pay for government programs…

    Also, isn't LA extremely democratic? and left-leaning? Seems like more government isn't the answer…

  19. Only winners in this are the Bluths and Sitwells.

  20. Wow, there are more homeless in LA than in the entire nation of Japan!

  21. Let this be a lesson, capitalists. When your greed is unchecked, it becomes self-defeating.

  22. why dont you have companies that build and manage affordable real estaste like my country has those companies also manage social housing projects and build them to

  23. instead of like china the mansion being empty for money laundring purposes in america those houses cant get buyers

  24. Now that's entertainment rich people losing money. Dumbasses built shit that know one can afford.

  25. And this is why I smile when rich people suffer.

  26. CA has code enforcement laws against housing construction from sitting dormant for short periods of time. How on earth would we create laws against unsightly construction sites from staying that way for too long but not prevent housing owners from allowing their buildings to stay vacant for long periods of time. By giving them this freedom, they are potentially putting those neighboring these vacant buildings at risk.

  27. And they (the ultra rich) have the nerve to say that poor people just don't know how to properly spend their money 😒 and that's why we're broke.

  28. If the purpose of building these skyscrapers and condos is to put people in them….then put people in them. Make it affordable so you can get the families that are literally homeless, off the streets. If y'all ain't going to do right by the city, then take your balls and go play elsewhere. No pun intended.

  29. That's right if you have money and try to make more by investing….. you're evil. Remember I'm better than you!!!!

  30. Maybe they should build more affordable housing. 🤔

  31. How high must rents go before they are capped? Shit is out of control.

  32. LUL. China is inflating the US housing bubble. There you go USA, this is what Capitalism looks like.

  33. Housing bubble V2.0 and Agenda 21.

  34. I live in Portland, Oregon. We have a lot of "low income" housing going up. I'm just a little confused how a 2 bedroom apartment at $1200/month is considered low income. Especially when you aren't allowed to make more than 32k a year to qualify to live there. However, if the units weren't considered "low income", you would need to make at least 43k year to qualify to rent. But, identifying them as "low income" units and setting income restrictions gives the developers tax incentives. I don't understand how ensuring that low income people are paying half or more of their Gross income is helping anybody in the long run? Seems more like state-sanctioned economic repression to me.

  35. If anyone is wondering what you can actually do about this tenant unions are the biggest part of the answer that an ordinary person can actually contribute to. The LA tenant union is one of the largest and most effective in the country. If you are a socialist or a progressive or whatever and you live there and actually care about this shit you should look into supporting them.

  36. Homeless people should just take over these megamansions

  37. Bus the homeless to these houses and squat. Give the investors more conflict.

  38. This story should be a COMMERICAL on all channels at least 5 times a day!!!!

  39. Kill the developers and stop letting the Chinese buy property if they don't live here!

  40. Major Canadian Cities are experiencing the same thing: Foreign investors buying realestate and then doing nothing with them or flipping between other investors to artificially inflate the pricing of housing. In Ottawa, The average cost of housing to what a person can get approved based on the average house hold income is not even close to what a person would need to support the home after the purchase has been made.

    This leads to the second issue, we have people buying houses that they simply can't afford. Yes the mortgage is only one aspect of the home. there is the utilities, and property tax associated with owning the home not to mention an emergency fund needed just in case something goes wrong. People just don't have it, but are more than willing to dump there money in a house that will basically make them be home bodies because they just simply can't do anything else.

  41. The greed of the rich has brought ruin to the US. The US is circling the drain, currently a 2nd world nation on its way to a third world nation if the wealthy get their way.

  42. Wow tyt complaining about victimhood. That's the pot calling the kettle black ,if I've ever seen it . Nice one Anna now go feed the big brown buffalo his bacon grease and make me a sammich.

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