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Weekly Horoscopes by Madame Clairevoyant Week of February 4

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On Monday, there’s a new moon Aquarius, the sign of progress and unconventionality and change. If you could change something in your own life, what would it be? You don’t need to know all the details before you can picture a different way of living. You don’t need to have every move planned out before you can imagine a change. This new moon will bring a powerful moment of potential. There’ll be a door open, and you’ll be able to walk through it.

You know that you have a body, strong and full of feeling, and you know that you have a mind, too, electric and brave. It’s just easy, sometimes, to imagine that the two are completely separate—as though your thoughts are too nebulous to touch your physical self, as though your movements through the world could never change the way your ideas grow. This week, you might find yourself frustrated, trying to do all your thinking in your head alone. Don’t forget about stretching your limbs, going outside, and seeing what springs into being when you let your body think, too.


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