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Weight Loss Journey: From 80 kgs to 52 kgs | Fat to Fit | Fit Tak

Know how she lost 28 kgs in 6 months. Watch the full video and we bet you’ll get some fitness inspiration out of this!
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  1. Watbabout workin moms ?? V dnt hv time for urself

  2. I also lost my weight .. naturally

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  4. https://youtu.be/3mAyEsnucsA hit the link…amazing tips to loose weight

  5. Its truly an inspiration….
    But to honest U look more pretty when u were chubby….

  6. हेल्लो मेरा नाम पारस है मैने अपना 10 किलो वजन कम किया है और मेरी मम्मी ने अपना 12 किलो वजन कम किया है घर पर रह कर अगर आप भी करना चाहते है तो मै आपकी सहायता कर सकता हूं आप इस नंबर ( 8813822982 ) पर व्हाट्सऐप मेसेज करे इंटरस्टेड लोग ही बात करे

  7. really inspirational…but it's really difficult to loose weight after 40-42 years in women..

  8. https://youtu.be/6VUOrwOJDlI must watch for strength and weight training!!

  9. Here I want to say u cant say ki yoga say weight jaldi loss ni hota aap proper ni karogay then aysa hoga but yoga exercise say bhout jaldi weight loss hota hy gym is fashion just I saw lot of people who have loss there weight by doing yoga so don't say this

  10. You guys are the BIGGEST FRAUDSTERS . I have seen you plagiarizing pics and videos from a community called SQUATS of which I am an active member. Bloody you take credits from ppl for their hardwork and ask 25k INR from each to tag them in their own journey videos??? You guys are assholes of highest order. I'm sure karma will hit you when you least expect it! Have fun minting money on other peoples hardwork and sweat mofos

  11. Skin lose nahi huyi kya ???

  12. ap feed b krwati hain baby ko????

  13. I lost 25kg with plan from website NextLevelDiet. They have amazing team that helped me to get my six pack 😀

  14. Same problem i having bcs i have also baby n i dsnt have time to go out for jym or walk n also nw i have lot of knee pain plz tell me how i loose my weight i m also 32 age bt looking old womem … Koi bhi dress pehn nhi skti meri bacchi bhi kisi ke pas rukti nahi a isliye me bahot tensm me rehti hooo

  15. In short.. Join gym. That's all.

  16. How can you not eat in between.

  17. Dii mughe bhi mera weight 10 kg km krna h

  18. Anyone planning to lose weight as from now?

  19. I never ate any one of those type of foof but yet i am suffering from overweight due to thyroid issue

  20. Picture wali larki ke aankh chote hai aur inke bade Aisa kaisa?

  21. Jhuti mujay to 80 ki nahi lagi 68 tak lag rahi hai even before the weight loss🤔😃

  22. Mujhe comment karke btao

  23. Aap y Sab kese kar lete ho

  24. very good ! but How about I tell you I have a really good and unfortunately not so well known method?

  25. Hi Can you please make a video on pcos/pcod it’s very hard for me to lose weight and I have tried so many diet plans but nothings seems to work for me my weight is stuck I weight 87kg I’m 23 and it’s my wedding in 5 months I’m very stressed please can you suggest and good diet plan please please…

  26. Acha ap moti jab thi lag rhi thi cute haha ab nai

  27. Mam weight gain kaise kre

  28. Go gals https://youtu.be/hOCHiPO46mk
    Amazing and secrets of looking young and beautiful revealed!!

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  30. What r the best way to lose weight ? Refer – seven secrets of weight loss . blogspot com

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  32. But jumping n tredmill walk ma knee pain hota what should i do?

  33. Meghana, I am so proud of your accomplishment, and so inspired. I hope that any thing you previously thought you couldn't do ,you now realize you can and I will be right here with you to keep being your cheerleader in your happy and healthier journey forward. You are really a big inspiration to everyone and your channel is no doubt really has a good piece of information.
    Proud of you… 👍🏻

  34. Can you please add English subtitles

  35. You are beautiful, like your spirit

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