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West Virginia correctional cadets fired for Nazi salute photo | USA TODAY

West Virginia correctional cadets were fired for participating in a Nazi salute during a class photo.

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  1. Racism is as old as apple pie.

  2. Uh, did anyone take a brief moment to consider that this is a Roman Legion reference? You know, kinda like where the Nazis actually got it from 🙄

  3. The nazi salute isnt inherently offensive. We used to use it while saying the pledge of allegiance and the romans used it. If the nazis used the salute we use today in the military would that be offensive? Nazis are offensive, hand gestures cant be offensive.

  4. Happy new year all Search Results

    👍 Thumbs Up for usa Today

  5. Nazi's are coming in my house, wait it is just my niece.
    Everyone just give it a rest.

  6. Let me guess they're all white too

  7. W.Virginia not surprised

  8. Wait! More SJW insanity? 1st weren't some West Point Cadets accused of something similar, photos taken of Cadets displaying some secret sign BS – which has proven to be actual BS?

  9. Red or blue they both vote for Israel and don’t care about you.

  10. I bet people in Germany are like, what Z hell?

  11. Whats making people in our government thinks it's ok to start behaving in this way…

  12. Tough being a cop!! Even tougher being a stupid cop. They are probably good men and women.. not a job I want. Especially with the molestation of our constitution going on!!

  13. Theres nothing wrong with a Roman salute.

  14. Illiterate people + power are dangerous !

  15. Correction officers are the bottom of barrel 👎

  16. First the mustache
    Then the wave
    Hitler owned a dog too I guess that’s next.

  17. Obviously intended as a joke, even if in bad taste. There is a black woman, a black man and Hispanics in the photo too. This is presented as propaganda (complete with music intended to illicit emotion) and not a journalistic news report. Even as a liberal I have to say: stop being so damn candy-assed!

  18. haha dummies! These are the types that let Epstein"off"himself.

  19. Wait a minute they’re not black I’m confused 😐

  20. American Police Are Fascist Authoritarian Nazis Terrorists Criminals Who Routinely Break Laws You People Are Just Now Waking Up To It "This Is America"

  21. Well they won't be cops,instead Trump will just hire them as his personal guards.

  22. "They didn't know the connotations of the gesture" LOL the shit people say…

  23. The investigation concluded in findings that did not reveal "any overt motivation or intent that this was a discriminatory act towards any racial, religious, or ethnic group."

    Correct, not any one, all but one.

  24. This type of culture mentality subtly trickled down from the top brass underlying sentiment..since when are subordinates permitted to call their own shots IN UNIFORM?

  25. What about that black guy? What's his deal!?

  26. They went through all that training.. for nothing.. idiots!!!!

  27. This is wrong. This was all political and these officers we're fired unnecessarily.

  28. Welcome to the united states of the offended… 🙄

  29. It's a roman salute that was appropriated by the germans.

  30. Lol 😂. In the worded of trump . Your fired..

  31. Holy shit, who cares? Yall are so soft

  32. Not one intelligent person in that group

  33. What happened to free speech? They should sue the state

  34. 🤯🤯😬😬🤭🤮😳😳😱🤬

  35. But okay to be black Panthers… double standard…….not saying iys right but damn let it goooooooo….

  36. Imagine being that stupid

  37. Give it time… a couple of suspects will be pointed out in this picture…

  38. 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

  39. Then they're hired somewhere else lol

  40. So is the black person with the dreadlocks on the end a white supremacist too? Like the 2 black, white supremacists that attacked the Jewish people? Its unfortunate we cant believe anything you say. Probably a doctored photo. You guys lie about everything. Boo hiss

  41. This is insane. A hand gesture is illegal now? One group gets to hold a monopoly on what a hand gesture means forevermore? What a joke.

  42. Sometimes you play to much .

  43. 🤔🤨 Racism. Is alive and well. As u can see. Smh!!! WtF!!! 🤮🤬🤢🤮😳

  44. Wasn’t that a Roman salute also?

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