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What Americans Should Know About Preventing Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

Masks are most helpful when worn by people who are already sick to help prevent infecting others, experts say. The CDC advises to wash your hands regularly, cover your cough and avoid touching your face.
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What Americans Should Know About Preventing Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I would rather get risks by wearing mask, if I CAN BUY one. Nobody carries it, I have try to buy one for last one month. I am sure there are people hoards masks i US. Government shoyld investigate it!!! And punish them!!!!

  2. if face mask won't prevent it …. why is in a high demand for our responders and doctors… I'm wearing a mask!

  3. watch my videos and find out where the coronavirus started.https://youtu.be/9EPz8PSue2o

  4. The US was stupid to not stop travel to and from China immediately. We have not learned our lesson from SARS and from the fact that China can't be trusted in anything they say.

  5. The media and government are just trying to prevent people from having a mass hysteria and gobbling up the masks out there. Not helpful …. this is what one can call fake news regarding face mask. It's social engineering.

  6. Hog wash. If it is recommended that the sick should use the mask, then it can also help the person who wish to be protected to use the mask.

  7. Adopting the Chinese wearing mask culture is INEVITABLE 😒

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  9. Throughout East Asia it’s not just face masks and disinfectant sprays. For reasons I don’t understand, all kinds of paper products are sold out; you cannot buy toilet paper and facial tissue; there isn’t any. I don’t get the connection, but you would think if they were going to sell out of something it would be standard cold and flu medicine to treat symptoms this virus has in common.

    Another thing that’s selling out, logically, is basic hand soap, but not nearly so much as tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels—which again is a complete mystery to me.

    Oddly, in Japan, a country famous for cleanliness, chances are your typical public restroom doesn’t have soap dispensers, and if they do then they’re probably empty. This isn’t just during this viral outbreak; this has always been the case. So may be they need to require soap and touch less hand dryers. Especially in the train stations and the trains themselves in Japan, many people are very wary of touching anything, and many carry sanitary wipes everywhere they go.

    I think after this crisis is over, we’re going to see enforced vaccinations and even policing of people washing their hands after using public restrooms.

  10. You have to touch your face to cover your cough.

  11. Mask dont work around your neck

  12. One problem. Wear mask is safe but how do we eat? So we must take off and we eat the food that possibly has the virus 🦠.

  13. Who has an animal shop inside a food market anyways! It was only a matter of time.

  14. Face masks are NOT GAS MASKS!

  15. Wow…a real misleading reporting on mask use…..so don’t bother using the mask ?! If it does not help you …but it may prevent others from getting viral illness?!

  16. I’m literally shocked that NBC didn’t blame Trump for this.


  18. There is not enough ppe to protect hospital workers. It is all made in China. Along with drugs like antibiotics for infection. Like pneumonia . We will run out .in 3 months. Flu we wish. Military needs to take over.


  20. "it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine"

  21. This is more radical hype. Wash your hands!

  22. n95 nor n100 mask will prevent microbes from attaching to the surface of your face, arms, hands, clothes, shoes
    and the mask itself. untrained individuals will simply transfer the microbes from the mask and previously noted
    surfaces and rub their eyes, pick their nose and eat with their fingers…

  23. Excuse me for not shaking your ✋.

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