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What can be done to ensure food security and preserve water resources? l Inside Story

Over 800 million people live in hunger-stricken areas. The majority of those live in conflict zones.
Ensuring quantity and quality of water for survival, but also for food production in the context of agricultural intensification is essential to mitigate the risk of mass migration conflict.
On this special edition of Inside Story from the Doha Forum we ask:
Are the current world food governance support systems enough to mitigate current risks?
And what can be done to avoid price volatility and its impact on the poorest?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida

Pablo Campana, Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Investments
Bader Al-Dafa, Executive Director of the Global Dryland Alliance (GDA)
Miguel Angel Moratinos, Future UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations
Djimé Adoum, Executive Secretary of the Permanent Interstates Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel, CILSS.

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  1. Learn how to take salt out of water on a massive scale. U can steam ocean water and condensation builds up in2 drinkable water. U can also get salt from it, the steam can produce energy, if u dont capture all the steam its not like its a pollutant. Why havent we found out how to drink the ocean on large scales?! Lol

  2. Look at it this way 2 liters of water for each person equal 16 billion liters a day x by 365 equal 5,696,000,000,000 liter per year you may get 35 percent on treatment return.

  3. Getting beyond a joke really. When do you look at yourself like the rabbit????? And yet you have the tec if you can implement it correctly for use guess you just don't see the return only the cost.

  4. First end war then controll poverty and other issues

  5. the real solution ? leaders should just stop talking and start substantial funding of land regeneration projects ~ get projects going, like ones that promote the addition of organic layers above otherwise barren soils to provide a cap which avoids overly rapid water evaporation, or like ones that disallow repetitive and constant grazing of the land without allowing plants resting time to bloom and spread ~ do these things NOW, actually these things needed to be already begun yesterday ~ most importantly, start hiring locals paying twice the amount related to the local poverty rate to build the most basic of infrastructure projects, like water reservoirs, gutters and sewage systems, level and paved roads, faculties for construction trades, people's markets, garbage from society, etc ~

  6. Problem is the rise in population. All the poor countries the population ratio to natural resources like water is very high. Unless the population is brought down significantly, famine and hunger will continue.

  7. The fires in California were because of poor forest management, not because of "global warming"

  8. US is way too busy making the world miserable.

  9. 9 billion cats with land enough for only 4billion…

  10. Stop bottling underground reservoirs and making almonds and you can stop worrying about the moat intense wild fires in our history


  12. You had to throw in the fake man made global warming agenda.

  13. Low cost Desalination will be the game changer for future

  14. The funny thing about this is there is more than enough food for everybody it's just that certain countries keep more food than others to all that money and globalism is trying to make it into a One World Government like you in this is very dangerous there is plenty of food even though they say they not I live in America and they throw away billions of food a day that's just America imagine what they throwing away in other countries

  15. Humans need to stop wasting resources and water for the abundance of things in supermarkets and other shops that are not nessessary for survival. And to make a point of it: Stop buying those things!!!

  16. Overpopulation and lack of women's education.

  17. These so-called "Leaders" are absolutely unfit uneducated people with little to no vision! These people in these 3rd world countries will make absolutely no contribution to the world or society in general, they have no purpose in the world. Just be born, become malnourished, make children and decrease into existence. I rather not express myself further on. I am a prophecy that will create the first successful long-term utopia Look Out For Rise.

  18. Scare mongers is all you people are

  19. African leaders are the problem of there people's

  20. Start by forcefully sterilizing the entire 3rd world before their uncontrolled breeding destroys white countries too.

  21. What can be done to save these things is to kill off the NWO. Then humanity can get back to normalcy.

  22. Without exaggeration, this is a global problem ! This problem was not solved for a very long time and now it requires enormous resources and the will of all countries !
    I'm an optimist but the situation is very complicated …
    * * *
    Thank You dear Dareen Abughaida and Your Guests !

  23. All these people who complain about food and water shortage are doing so with 3+ children watching on ….
    What are they thinking ?


  25. Climate change and global warming or is it lack of education, brain washed religious fanatics and over population?

  26. With the current Wars and resources crisis, all these will in decades later will lead to a global resources wars.

  27. Oh Lord help those poor starving children in Yemen… their tiny bodies are just skin & bones- literally.
    Surely the perpetrators of this war in Yemen will one day answer to the Most High, The Creator & giver of life & death for the atrocities they're committing against the children of Yemen.
    Wars are created by mankind for selfish interests. My heart wails for those innocent suffering children…😔😢😭😩😰😱🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔🖤🙏🙏🤲🤲✊

  28. Humans need to stop breeding like flies

  29. Israel gets most of their water by filtering sea water. I'm sure we'll be fine as long as we don't get another Monsanto running around. As for food, we're all going to be eating algae and insects soon 😕

  30. أخوتي في اليمن والله أني أحبكم في الله

  31. Overpopulation is the root problem.
    Nuking India and China would solve half of the world's overpopulation problem, then nuking Africa would solve the other half. 💣 👍

  32. Start with destroying all government's

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