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What can we expect from Trump's national address on coronavirus pandemic?

Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel shares his insights on the coronavirus testing and what the U.S. government is doing to combat the virus.

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  1. I da king ,me great, I know all and I love me uneducated supporters.

  2. The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.
    In fact, all of Trump’s budget proposals have called for cuts to CDC funding, but Congress has intervened each time
    George Soros must be paying all the people in Italy to pretend there is a health emergency, in order make bonespurs look bad .

  3. Trump screwing up again. Market crashing because of Don the con’s poor response and belief that the virus would disappear. Lou Dobbs been playing down the virus for months.

  4. Registered 1220 cases.
    Registered 125,000 world cases
    What's doing Lou watters?

    SUE these Nations-Government's.
    Burn those viruses. Burn virus.

  5. The CDC has failed on every level.

  6. Can anyone imagine the number of Corona fiction/conspiracy books and movies we’ll be seeing within a year? We’re going to be up to our butts in them….
    Oh yeah… Political thrillers too….

  7. I thought your moron in the WH said it was a hoax and fake news??

  8. Don't let a pandemic scare cancel Trump MAGA rallies! Feces tossing helps spread the disease among the right sort of idiots that human civilization can safely do without.

  9. Try the vaccine on fox news employee and trump family first

  10. I agree. Leftist DEMOCRATS should try to focus. This isn't something Congress can fix. GET BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT AND DO WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE DONE. Mainstream media: Tell us the truth. NO BLAME GAME. NO POLITICS. JUST THE BASIC FACTS FOR GOD SAKE.

  11. Trump looks a little ill. Why doesn't he take a virus test? Tired? Sick? Who knows? He won't disclose anything. Step up Big Man. Take a test and disclose the results. Most Americans don't have access to a test yet despite his claims.

  12. I have never experienced this level of needless panic in my life.

  13. The bottom line is this is going to affect the global economy ,think about that.

  14. The test kits are not available ,I have family members who went to get tested on Monday and they did not have the test kits in Illinois.

  15. You cant come up with mortality rate if you dont know how many are positive cause we dont have test kits for everybody

  16. This is the fastest, most effective virus pandemic response by a president in history.

  17. This is a virus of the flu family. There is no antibiotic for viruses this far. Only a strong immune system can overcome the same.
    The best way to overcome the virus is by strengthening the body's very own defense system.

    Anxiety and fear will cause the body's defense system to crash same as in a war zone where only confidence, positivity and good nutrition can get a soldier through.

    To strengthen the immune system you need to provide the body specific vitamins like vitamins D3, C, K2MK7 and minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium.

    A blood test will show what nutrients you are low on. Vitamin D with C and Zinc with good nutrition strengthens the fighters in your bodies to overcome the invading viruses.

    Also more warmth slows down the disease.
    Wherever the temperature is below 25 degrees you will notice the virus does spread. In hotter countries the virus is weakened and the recovery is faster.
    In middle eastern countries people live in air conditioned spaces at 20 degrees celcius or less.

    At this time of the year the temperatures are very cold in Iran and other countries. Also Iranians are pretty malnourished because of the economic blockade.

    The people in middle eastern countries walk around fully covered blocking out sunlight and that hampers production of vitamin D by your body.

    Sunlight is also low during the winter months.

    Vitamin D is a confirmed anti viral nutrient. This vitamin along with C and Zinc strengthen the immune system. Magnesium is meant to help better adsorption of vitamins D, and vitamin K is meant to help vitamin D to not calcify soft tissues.

    So the best way to deal with this virus is to strengthen the immune system by taking those vitamins, consume nutritious foods, follow proper hygiene and never get anxious or distressed.

    This is like your common cold virus except more serious and morphs, so only a strong immune system will really help.
    If you are unhygienic, you will spread cold and cough. If you don't tend to the cold and cough properly you develop complications. It's all the same with the Coronavirus too.

    Have you noticed that only weak and old people get complications from the virus? By weak, I mean is that the body's defences are weak and don't have the strength to fight.

    Stop fear mongering and believe in yourself and your body's internal soldiers and feed them properly as well as give them the necessary climatic conditions. You will not only fend off the virus but will also overcome if infected and the infection will never become serious.

    You will be just fine.

  18. Trump Killed the economy – STRAIGHT DOWN for WEEKS. Esp today after his televised Speech…. futures prices are Cliffdiving. I've never seen such a Violent Selloff. If trump wants to Save the economy… He's gonna have to do WAYYYYYY more. SO Much more.

  19. The trump Slump is in full swing. He is watching his own incompetence erase his presidency.
    Trump cheats in his golf game, he cheated in his business, he cheated on All of his wives with girlfriends then he cheated on the girlfriends with paid porn stars. He cheated on his taxes and he cheated in the election and is trying to again, he's cheated our national security and he has cheated on America. You have turned your back to God and embraced corruption, dishonesty, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony and the biggest sin Trumps Pride in only himself "Unmatched Genius" – You have disagreed with the teachings of Christ- You might as well melt your dropping 401k gold down and make a Trump statue to worship.


  21. Trump calls it just a regular flu. Why does he need to address the nation?

  22. Obama built the economy, trump destroyed it.

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