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What Colonizing Mars Means for BUSINESS

What Colonizing Mars Means for BUSINESS

What Colonizing Mars Means for BUSINESS | TRENDS
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Why Are Billionaires Investing In Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuKbrLFE6l4&
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Why are billionaires investing in space?
How are rich people planning to make money from space?
Is space traveling a reality?
What is space tourism?
What are Jeff Bezos’ plans for space travel?
Why does Elon Musk want to colonize Mars?
How far we are with space exploration?
Can you go to space now?
When are we going to space?
Who lives in space?
What do people misunderstand about space travel?
When will space travel start?
What are the dangers of space traveling?
What is slowing down space travel?
Is space travel important to the world?
Will space travel ever be affordable?
How will people make money from space?
Is there life on Mars?
Will humans ever live on Mars?
Why are Indians so interested in the Mars Orbiter?
When will the terraforming of Mars be possible?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, do you think life on mars is possible?

    Grab the ALUX x NordVPN Offer using the code “ALUX" today: https://www.alux.com/vpn

    Why Are Billionaires Investing In Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuKbrLFE6l4&

    TRENDS Playlist: http://y2u.be/Ph_OP_a6GyE

  2. Interesting!
    Really interesting

  3. Its a joke a misdirection,joke ,,a theory get people on board they will follow the hypothesis,even when so absurd.

  4. How do we get out of the dome.

  5. After Decades Mars will be a Holiday destination for future Billionaires 😯

  6. Our worship of money is part of what ruined planet Earth. Do we really want to do the same to Mars?

  7. What if someone profit on "designer babies"? And how would it change human society in a good or bad way?

  8. I’d rather insist on saving and conserving my own planet rather than pursuing goal of colonising other planet by depleting earths resources.

  9. It's not gonna happen in next 300 years or less… I can bet you that…

  10. I would be a Mars merchant. Setting up a J.C. Penney's on Mars for all the colonists needs.

  11. Fake rich all ways get them money form them family and friends

  12. If you guys want to start a trend for the next billion air. Use the name #OzDelFoss on every video you whatch today.

  13. Correction- only the rich will get to go to Mars, not the entire human race.

  14. Why not to dump all the garbage on their. And develop technology over there to decompose that waste. And off course the harsh weather of the planet will may help us in destroying non degradable waste which can't be reused. This will cause less pollution here. Also if there are entrepreneur working idea taking thousands of people there making them reside there it would be a lot better if we can think of a way to set up chemical industries over there.

    Last point if we go by what's written in Indian holy book. Mars is son of earth and has promised his mother that one day ( TERA FORMATION ) when you will need support to I'll support life of humans and other species on you.

  15. So .I'm an Indian I have more opportunities for a business plan on Mars than anyone in the world. Great 🚀🚀🚀I 'll do it.

  16. Make a video on MASAYOSHI SON and SOFTBANK

  17. Alux is obsessed with Elon musk 😁

  18. Proud Indian's 😎🇮🇳

  19. Indian can become a big player in colonising Mars

  20. WOW theses people our crazy they can't get alone down here . LOL keep the good work. Alux is great at this information.

  21. Why spending billions to go on mars when it could be invested in solving global warming and other problems on earth? Actually, one of the biggest world’s forest which produce 20% of the air we’re consuming is burning and no one cares. I’m not into ecological thing normally but this becomes scary… We very should prioritize, when we will have solved earth’s problems, we’ll have all the time we want to reach Mars. This only because the human nature consists of being important and everybody wants his name related to mars… That’s what we call “the desire to be important” if I had to quote some books and philosophers. What do you guys think?

  22. Its a couple thousand dollars per person not millions per person

  23. Where do I begin to burst the Mars humanization bubble? First the journey. This will take 6 months, 6 months in microgravity. Then assuming you haven't been killed by radiation and landed successfully you will need to find potable water and try to grow food under artificial light because while mars has close to a 24 hour day/night cycle the amount of light wouldn't be enough to grow your crops. That assuming you have clear skies and no dust storm. You will also not want to grow food in mars toxic soil. Air and hydroponics are your only options Besides excrement how would you fertilize the plants? Even with the water and food problems solved and you becoming the envy of all earthling vegans your challenges are far from over.. You will first need a fairly capable nuclear power plant because of the limited solar energy available on mars. You will also need to keep cozy and warm in the -50 to + 32 (on a balmy day) temperatures. Nuclear power is really your only option as Brad Pitt can tell you. Better find large caves or start digging your underground mars fallout shelter in which you will permanently reside because mars has a very thin atmosphere and no magnetic field. Also hope you have no diseases that you have brought from earth which could quickly spread and kill everyone in your colony, This assuming you have picked up no martian diseases from indigenous martian microbes which we have no vaccine or antibiotics to combat. Finally hope you don't ever get home sick. A trip back would take another 9 months assuming you are in the proper launch window. Once here you will try to resume the life of an earthling in 1G after being in 1/3 G and microgravity for many years. Clearly Mars exploration and development is a job for artificially intelligent robots and androids who will become the Martians. The technology of mars colonization will come in the fields of artificial intelligence(AI), robotics, and 3D printing, not by trying to colonize and teraform Mars.

  24. We can't even rake care of Earth and we are ruining it and humams are on the way to ruin planets now
    My opinion is the miney we are spending on mars should be invested on earth and nature so that we can live

  25. @alux.com..I am a subscriber to your channel and love your videos..but I would like to tell you that India is not a less priviledged nation.. We take pride in ourselves with all our deficiencies and strengths..So you shoul not describe our country as less priviledged..As you have highlighted our achievement, show some respect for your fellow humans in Asia.

  26. There is too much radiation exposure. I heard 2 yrs on mars is equal to 100 yrs of radiation on earth. Unless radiation is addressed this is just a dream.

  27. Colonizing Mars is more than making a trip. And those willing to pay a few hundreds of millions of dollars need to get some more value for price.
    Therefore, a month long trip, or maybe a 6 month long trip makes more sense. 🙂
    Therefore, a lot of gadgets, pressurized gear and portable containers for food and cola, a lot of tech and biotech need to be developed. Those can make huge businesses. I will leave it there.
    Besides, there's no harm in Elon Musk working with ISRO to phenomenally reduce the cost of such an expedition. I see such a cost reduction as an opportunity to experiment more before high net worth humans are sent Mars(at a lesser cost if such is the case).
    Besides, most people would love to send dogs to space. But using rats may not be a bad idea. I observe rats in one of the balconies here and find much behavior similar to humans. No wonder even biological experiments and drug testing use rats.

  28. I would go in a minute if I had the price for the ticket.

  29. I'll establish an protectorate headquarters and military faction for advance defense and I'll establish a new healthcare research acquire from the environment of mars to produce new medicines and advanced technologies in healthcare and much more in business….. just my spontaneous imagination 🤓😛😅

  30. Alux make a video on why couple are not having babies because there is uncertainty of whether their offspring generation will be left with natural things on planet or not. Please make a video on why couples are not planning a baby these days.

  31. It would be better to find ways to protect our beautiful planet by implementing strict laws to save environment. Teach the people value of public transport, veganism , afforestation, living in eco friendly homes. Save our earth as there is no planet like earth because god made that. Man will spoil Mars also.

  32. When Musk is on the thumbnail you know it will be a popular one!

  33. Wouldn't colonizing the moon first be more convenient?💪

  34. If ever I lived in mars my body will likely turn; green skin, yellow hair and red lustrous eyes and prolong life span and enhance physiology and super-increased intelligence developing a new race of human being…. wow! That'll be incredibly amazing 😲

  35. Mars colonization?
    Business opportunities that it will open on Earth yes agreed. However, actually colonizing Mars… no that's plain silly.
    1. Only the wealthy can afford to go.
    2. The wealthy will need poor people to do things for them.
    3. Now we have wealthy and we have poor and we have fighting and we have people screwing each other. It can only get better.
    We screwed up this planet so we need to find another planet to screw up. The business opportunities will be amazing. I actually love it.

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