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WHAT I EAT IN WEEK – A weekly vlog focusing on what I eat including my Beauty Ball recipe and other healthy snacks! Also my workout routines πŸ™‚
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Grey gym top – http://bit.ly/2vpjqVT
Gym leggings – http://bit.ly/2uMtrc8
Liz Earle Skin book – http://bit.ly/2fxs1jO
Grey dress (similar) – http://bit.ly/2uvlDQP
Gym leggings with pink – http://bit.ly/2uv5BX5
Super Elixir – http://bit.ly/2wAutu6
Neal’s Yard Super food – http://bit.ly/2vpnKEw
Pink top – http://bit.ly/2wOq0TX
Navy jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2uv6H5q
Pink sparkle top – http://bit.ly/2uMJUgu
Camera – http://bit.ly/2wA4Byh
White top – http://bit.ly/2vEXeYU
Pink jumper (similar) – http://bit.ly/2uMQQdy
White gym top – http://bit.ly/2uv1cU9
Grey leggings – http://bit.ly/2uMBNAF


❀ What I Wore ❀

Earrings : http://bit.ly/2ssynTH
Necklace : http://bit.ly/2mx7AVu
Ring : http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Bracelet : http://bit.ly/2



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Mirror : http://bit.ly/2qsV7ky


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  1. your videos are fun and your dogs adorable..I'm happy for you & Charlie…you are a great inspiration for ladies and all your ideas……thanks…your American fan

  2. I wish you would feed your puppies yogurt (small bowl) they would love it

  3. Hi again from your American friend…nice videos

  4. Yes of course he is the best seller…he sold something Italian in France…Genova is an Italian city in the north nearby France…and all the "e" at the end of a word in italian are pronunced so it is genovese and not genoves. Bolognese and not bolognes

  5. Eeeeekkkkk your mom was in this video!!! I think she is so lovely and she seems so sweet. How fun for you two to have an afternoon together 🌸🌸!!! If I ever get to visit London. I would love to meet her. πŸ€—. My mom went to her forever home in Heaven soooo I really miss days like u two had. My dad and I do still shop together so that's a blessing and very nice.

    I hope you make a video …. your mom does your makeup and you do hers 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️I think I might be around your mom's age and I would love your fashion & makeup tips for those of us…. young at heart mommies.

    I have a 16 year … she loves your videos toooo. I had my daughter when I was 40 πŸŒΈπŸ€—πŸŒŸ

  6. Keeping it real Josie…burgers,crisps and alcohol not unlike my diet but u exercise and are young so still look amazing…I on the other hand!πŸ˜‚

  7. Josie..why not just give your pawed pals Dexter & Dickens a half of cup of yogurt each in a bowl…they'd love it…and its not unhealthy for them

  8. Is her mom named Lila or is that a British nickname?

  9. My dogs lick out my yogurt containers also. They watch every mouth full I eat making me feel so guilty for eating "their" food.

  10. Γ„hm ….sorry?! Saying plastic strawes are bad for the enviroment and THEN promoting capsuel coffe???? Btw Aluminium capsuels are WAY worse than a bit of plastic.

  11. Do you do more cardio or weights?

  12. im really happy to see Freddy my love and you together I love this video

  13. I just found your channel yesterday, love itπŸ˜„ it's so funny, I also never finish a cup of tea πŸ˜… but I am on it
    I love the colours and the combinations in your diarys. Its kind of reminds me of the "Rococo epoch". Old-dusty-pink and just pastel colours. Keep up the healthy lifestyle. U only live ones ✌

  14. P.s your mum and twin and friends are really cute😁

  15. Funny! This blog just got funnier and funnier😁 I wish my diet week was that much fun

  16. I very like, very like your kitchen,.. Please room tour of Kitchen. Please.

  17. Chicken in barbecue sauce is my favourite ❀

  18. You are so cute..I've noticed even when I tried to be healthy that after exercise, I too tend to eat what I should not. The smoothies are great but I like to drink them during brunch hour..so, for breakfast it's just coffee or tea with half croissant then the smoothie for brunch and pack the protein during early lunch-dinner around 1pm and something very light for supper like cereal or some left overs around 6pm. I've noticed what helps me control the cravings..if it's hamburger I remove the bread and eat the meat, half of it, which is about 2oz and take the rest home as left overs.I don't like to deprive myself, go ahead and eat but again, all meats are 2 oz and fries about the same amount (eye ball it). You are such a pretty lady and funny too..continue on..your video was great don't worry about it..until next time happy eating.

  19. Same!! I always let my dog slick the yogurt pots x

  20. I LOVED this video! I loved the unstaged/unfortunate bits and loved the ideas of the energy balls! keep making more of these videos please!

  21. I'm not sure which I loved more: you and your mom – you two are too sweet! – or when you said, "eat healthily" instead of "eat healthy"…lol Keep up the good work!!! Beauty is a duty. πŸ˜‰

  22. please do another healthy week vlog !!

  23. You and Suzie and Alix make us hungry.

  24. Josie and Freddy in the same video! My two favourite girly girl youtubers together πŸ˜€ <3

  25. 'we have nothing in the house, we just came back yesterday' she says and 2 minutes later she opens a FULL fridge xD our fridge isn't even that full right after grocery shopping

  26. bonjour mon chaton blondie hi moi je prends mon the habituel le matin :thé vert de Ceylan et l après midi thé blanc de jasmin
    c est agrΓ¨able……… bonne journΓ©e bonne continuation ……….

  27. Oh I really loved your pink jumper, but the link provided is nothing like it… can you post where/brand you got it? πŸ™‚ TY!

  28. You are so down to earth and so relateable.Lots of love

  29. I don't know what people are talking about and I'm not trying to sound rude but…. I didn't get any adds during the video , and ahhhhhh! cant believe you were with Freddy my love πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  30. And as for favourite meal that's a tough one! As a child it was giant Yorkshire pudding filled with veg and gravy! But now I'm not sure πŸ€”

  31. It's so refreshing seeing a REAL what I eat! Compared to a lot of youtubers planning their food to make their vlog make them look like a health guru! So it's so good to see someone being truthful!

  32. Loved this video Josie I love to see you running here there and everywhere to your meetings so much fun and eating so much lovely food too . Thank you for sharing once agin .πŸ”β˜•οΈπŸΉπŸ«

  33. Freddy, lol 😍😍😍

  34. The video was fun – glad to know I am not the only one who messes up on my healthy eating resolve! My favorite food is Chicago-style pizza, deep dish, from Lou Malnati's (a restaurant in the Chicago area). I try to avoid it due to the HUGE amount of fat and calories, but it is a lovely treat.

  35. I am definitely going to try making those delicious looking protein beauty balls!

  36. The burger was my favorite food!! πŸ˜œπŸ” Looked delicious!!!

  37. Hi Josie, tuned in feeling fairly unfit and in need of some health and fitness motivation… This video was so re-freshing! Balanced and realistic is the way forward, sometimes life gets in the way. Thank you for your honesty! xxx

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