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What is Acid Rain? | National Geographic

What is Acid Rain? | National Geographic

What is acid rain? What are its causes and effects? Learn about the role of fossil fuels and pollution, where acid rain occurs, and solutions to reducing the amount of sulfuric and nitric acids in the atmosphere.
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Read more in “Acid rain, explained”

What is Acid Rain? | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Acid rain can come in the form of snow, fog and even dry materials on the ground. What do you think are some ways we can reduce these pollutants as individuals?

  2. Video does not load for me 🙁

  3. Русские есть?

  4. They told us acid rain would kill us in 1980…..STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cars form nitrogen oxide too, the engines temperature can get so high it causes nitrogen and oxygen in the air to react, creating nitrogen oxide – nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. It causes choking photochemical smog at ground level too, and mixes with sulfur dioxides from the burning of impure fuels. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide mix with the water vapour in clouds, causing acid rain to fall. Acid rain kills animals and their habitats as well as making lakes acidic. US HUMANS ARE HORRIBLE.

  6. Just curious, why volcanoe ashes also lead to acid rain?

  7. The moment when your teacher makes you find out the meaning of acid rain.

  8. This vid helped a lot it was exactly wat I was looking for

  9. There’s also alkaline rain.

  10. Nice try but acid rain has been around for thousands of years

  11. Wow im lucky I have never seen acid rain!

  12. What if acid rain was acid rain? 😏

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  14. Human body may digest it slowly

  15. We are the true monsters.

  16. When I was a kid I used to love to go out in the rain, that was in the late 70's though so there really wasn't anything to worry about such as acid rain because we didn't have all the technology to ruin the beautiful Earth that we live in today. Now children just stay in playing Fortnite and calling each other asking then what flavor potato chip they're eating. But when I was growing up we were practically forced to go outside because there was nothing else to do unlike kids now a days.

  17. i thOugHt aCidE raIn oNlY caMe frOm faNtasY booKs anD advEntuRes

    bUt i wAs wrOng

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  19. Shes toxic to kleefish and baldwin shes yours Wisconsin sighned robert e lee

  20. This is not correct. correct it

  21. I have a presentation about acid rain tomorrow and this helped alot .

  22. Thank you National Geographic channel for give enough information on acid rain because I need information about acid rain.. in my class there was on my chemistry book there was written very small information about acid rain… in my Half Yearly examination there was written one question define acid rain…. and I wrote same information about acid rain….. Thank you National Geographic channel…. I love your channel….😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😗😗😗😚😚👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  23. No words for saying only thank u 😅

  24. pee is acid. it's brahma's pee

  25. So basically we r killing ourselves and not noticing it.

  26. Mam please tell is it sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide or nictric acid??As in our school carbon monoxide is told

  27. thanx for spreading such awareness

  28. Chocolate rain..oh I'm sorry lol

  29. Persona 5 and The Simpsons brought me here.

  30. How can we reduce Acid rain?
    For my report

  31. I learn something new again im amaze

  32. "Most acid rain is caused by human activity" even though that hasn't been proven, ever. Pretty ballsy, NatGeo

  33. When the pH of water is less than 5.8 it causes acid rain

  34. In 2014 it rained in Mumbai and I remember my skin got tanned which was exposed to rain as I was wearing tshirt. My hands and face n neck became dark in that rain, I guess it was acid rain.

  35. “These gases react with water, oxygen, and other substances to form Sulfuric and Nitric Acid”…

    Ooooo kaaaay. So, may you please explain what these other substances are? And possibly elaborate on the process? That would be great! Thank you.

  36. Too simplistic! Don't need that stupid music, too!

  37. when I was a child I thought acid rain would melt your skin and flesh if you stayed too long in it

  38. The background music is really annoying

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