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What is Australian cricket culture? | 25 Questions with Shane Watson

And how would he explain the lbw law to John Cena?

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  1. Thank god he didn't mention Michael Clarke😂😂

  2. Plz 25 questions with hitman 🤗🤗

  3. Who else was waiting for questions related to CSK?

  4. #7…wht type of qstn is this😠😠😡

  5. Shane Watson in yellow jersey- eternal love story.

  6. Who's your wost captain M Clark

  7. Shane watson is a class act and if will not get injured many times he is only player who can compete with kallis

  8. 01:47… I was waiting for that one only…

  9. Dhoni fans are so irrational that they somehow will manage to make hero out of MSD from the work that Watson did. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Watson isn't that great.

  11. Virat Kohli ke under bhi to khele ho match bhul Gaye RCB ko 😜 kyuki Virat bhai bowling krwate the 👍

  12. pakistan is terriost country

  13. Play very tough but fair…😂😂😂

  14. Just bcoz of dhoni u r in csk team plzzz is baar performance accha krna final ki trah

  15. Usne captain k isme kohli ka naam nhi liya worth noticing😂😂

  16. Last time I was this early virat Kohli had still scored a test 50

  17. He have options for choosing the best world cup🙌🙌 2 time winner

  18. Well, as it isWatson, the first question had to be LBW related. Isn’t it.

  19. 2020 IPL he's coming for y'all.! 💛👑

  20. Had to get an LBW question first up ahahahahaha

  21. Shane Watson is my favourite player 😍

  22. your voice❤ you are in PSL right now i wish i can take a selfie with you watson😧

  23. I want 25 questions with dishan love from Pakistan ❤️

  24. Watson,ABD,McCullum …the top cricket players whom Indians love most…💖

  25. He also played under Kohli captaincy…but he didn't admit Virat name😂😂😂

  26. 02:35😅😅😅😂
    That's Australia cricket 😆

  27. When he said m s dhoni i got goosbumps

  28. I always hated Shane Watson.
    Batting bhi pehli Kare aur Bowling bhi ?😂😠
    Translation: He used to bat at 1st position & also bowl the first over.

  29. Watson:like

  30. Rashid khan will be the happiest person of the world if watson retires from ipl😂😂😂😂😂

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