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What is the US plan for Syria? I Inside Story

The White House is sending mixed messages about the future of America’s role in Syria.
President Donald Trump announced on Monday that US soldiers would pull out of northeastern Syria.
This would allow Turkey to launch a military operation against Kurdish fighters, which it considers to be terrorists.
A White House official later contradicted the president by saying American troops are only being redeployed, rather than withdrawn.
Syrian Kurds described Trump’s decision as a ‘stab in the back’ after they helped the United States defeat ISIL.
Even some of the president’s supporters condemned the decision.
So, what are the risks of a military operation in nothern Syria?
And what will happen to the thousands of ISIL fighters held by Kurdish forces?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault
Giran Ozchan – People’s Democratic Party Representative to the United States, a Kurdish opposition group in Turkey also known as the HDP.

Osman Sert – Director of the Ankara Institute who has advised former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Wael Alzayat – Former Senior Syria Adviser to Samantha Power, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Molly Sweeney – Journalist and Author

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  1. I know what they should do to ISIS fighters. Show them the same mercy they showed the world.

  2. To bad that Turkey coup didnt work for America, would have been drastically different. Next time.

  3. I'm not sure why you even played a clip of Schumer, he is a liar and disrupter

  4. The USA planed for regime changed in syria and then iran and russia but iran and russia knows it and so stop USA by suppporting syria. period! usa has planed to regime change 7 nations in the middle east and in africa. General wesley clark talked about this in 2007..

  5. All this sacking of people means a downward spiral . Like when Hitler started to sack his generals

  6. TRUMP did good job withdrawing troops from Syria. Good dission.

  7. The Kurds are a people, not a terrorist organization. Trump and over half the American people are uneducated about the history of this region, and the current state of affairs.

  8. The US and there European crime partners created Isis and allowed the to strive the would fly there warplanes preventing the Syrian army fr confronting the the Isis terrorist that the created and would not bomb Isis at all until the Russian started flying there jets and bombing Isis and to allow the Syrian army to fight and beat them that's when the Americans and there European crime partners decided to find another Lakey to get in bed with they got in bed with terrorist seperatist who they use to steal Syrian land and oil field so they can't rebuild there country that you distroyed way to go turkey keep up the good work there is no Kurdistan in Syria

  9. Why is US behind almost every war happening in the world??I dont understand!!

  10. Why are these never ending wars? So sad for all.

  11. war made america a superpower the war economy is BIG business and america needs its cut thats why they are in syria afghanistan iraq, yes it made america in a very heavy debt but the elites got richer and thats all that matters.

  12. All bluster but no substance. "The US plan for Syria"? There is none. Simple.

  13. There are still some great people in American the corrupt do not represent true Americans

  14. Only Allah can destroy economy, US economy itself is on its deathbed how can he destroy turkeys?

  15. We cannot trust america they switch side with out reason may be money

  16. Let them learn to live in peace, we immigrate to other countries and assimilate and integrate and we learn to live in peace and raise our families peacefully

  17. PKK turned into a terrorist organisation & seriously hamparing Turkey's internal peace n economic progress.

  18. Allah swt willing US troops will be kicked out of Syria very soon.

  19. US citizens are wondering what the plan is for the US, seems just to make as many countries angry as possible.

  20. Republicans are against this. Idk who trump got this info from. Kurds are our friends. Turkey should be kicked from nato

  21. i'm surprised that US has not blamed Iran yet……cause now adays even if someone in Africa slips on a banana peal, the US blames Iran

  22. All foreigners leave Syria. Long live Pres. Assad.

  23. I was a hard-core Trump supporter…until yesterday. He has made a fool of himself, and brought shame down on our country. When he said "We've captured ISIS", thats a lie. The Kurds were the ones who did the heavy lifting and dying to defeat ISIS. Trump's absurd threat to decimate the Turkish economy. The entire Trump presidency is teetering on disaster.

  24. Bring our boys home
    US live matter & middle eastern have been fighting for over 1,000 years we cannot change them. Use fund wisely rebuilding USA. Iraq, Libya & Syria biggest mistake….

  25. The Pres said it I Want To Bring The Soldiers Home!50 special forces ,that were not actively fighting . We the USA betrayed the Kurds. Because of T rump we the USA are ASHAMED!

  26. the plan?………what plan! we don't need a stinking plan!!!

  27. Niki needs to go to israel to live, neocon lover of bloodshed, Zionist forever, let israel fight its own wars, Hold it now, we do not want to let the most bloodthirsty people in history lose on anybody, considering their weapons stockpile. Yes all of these Zionist be they on the right or the left, force them to go to Israel where they can gnash there teeth together.

  28. ترامب خاين 😡

  29. The Turks have been terrorising the Kurdish people in turkey for decades ! The Turks are liars ! The brave Kurdish women fighters are the ones who destroyed the mad idiots of Islamic state ! Everybody else in the region ran away from the sick mad Islamists ! The west MUST protect our allies THE BRAVE KURDISH PEOPLE !

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