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What It’s Like to Give Tantric Massages

Photo: Photo Illustration by Stevie Remsberg; Photo Getty

Get That Money is an exploration of the many ways we think about our finances — what we earn, what we have, and what we want. In Secret Side Hustles, we talk to people with “normal” jobs who make extra cash on the sly. Here, a costume designer explains her side gig as a tantric masseuse.

I’m a costume designer, but for the past three years I’ve had a side-gig at a temple where I do tantric massage. Before this, I was working in a corporate design job. I got unhappy executing someone else’s vision, so I quit. I really needed to make money, and a friend of mine was like, “I run a temple. If you’re ever looking for side work and you want to learn tantric massage, come to my workshop.” I was intrigued. I wanted a job where I could pull in a lot of cash in a short amount of time, and this seemed like a good way to do that.


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