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What It’s Like To Have Been Born On September 11, 2001 | NBC News Now

Two teens born 18 years ago diverted their family members from being on site of the 9/11 terrorist attack due to being at the hospital for their deliveries. NBC News’ Lawrence Jackson spoke to them about growing up in a post-9/11 world.
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What It’s Like To Have Been Born On September 11, 2001 | NBC News Now


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  1. My aunt was born on 9/11 but decades before on her birthday she was sad because that day is just sad

  2. My birthday is on 9/11 and I was just turning 7 when it happened

  3. But this was uploaded on 9/12/19

  4. Well i was born the next day..

  5. “Every second a person dies, but every second a new one comes.”

    ~ Fantasy. 9/27/19



  8. Wow, having your bitrhday on a nightmare is a nightmare.

  9. It is like being born on December 7 1941 or November 22 1963 or November 8 2016.

  10. Don’t get me wrong I know he’s A legal American now he can say what he wants to say but he’s still not from America and just because they’re A legal American doesn’t mean they’re still not going to At like A American it doesn’t matter what he says he’s still a foreigner and I don’t like him what we should try to do is have nobody that is an American in our country I really hate going to a gas station or liquor store and guess what Indians I really hate having to go camping and guess what there’s a bunch of Indians and Honda vans and tents

  11. My dad died because of this 😣😣😣

  12. why are they sitting on haybales though?

  13. what about my 6th grade teacher?

  14. "ATTACK" what attack? Criminal conspiracy more like it.
    Mossad/cia are the only terrorists endangering the American citizen. World of lies. Orwellian World NBC PROPAGANDA

  15. All Americans know Indian people are great people xenophobia isnt related to 9/11 it's natural to hate an enemy that murders thousands of civilians in an unprovoked attack, the enemy is Islamic extremists always has been nearly my entire life just wish we had the balls to go in and destroy the entirety of the cancer but it would be alot messier then we are willing to get it's why we prop up 3rd party fighters to do our dirty work but it backfires often costing us lives yet again.

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