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What Makes Gum Chewy? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 5)

What Makes Gum Chewy? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 5)

What makes gum stay chewy for so long? ALL THE THINGS.
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About Ingredients:
Join MIT-trained chemist and science educator George Zaidan as he tries to recreate everyday household products like toothpaste, lipstick, or shaving cream using only natural ingredients… and no recipe! He’ll have to decode long lists of intimidating chemical names, figure out what they all do, try and find natural substitutes, and then cook up the do-it-yourself versions in his chemistry lab (kitchen). While George may or may not succeed, we’ll all learn something new and surprising about the products we take for granted every day.

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What Makes Gum Chewy? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 5)

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  1. got my chemistry exam soon and i'm happy i noticed isoprene units lol

  2. Another really great video! Can you recommend places one might purchase mastic gum? I only see it for sale on Etsy, which seems strange.

  3. I've made gum before and you described my gum only I used an online kit you made it from scratch also when will season 2 come out

  4. make this series back please

  5. I'm doing my Physical science research paper on this in college! so cool!

  6. l can't understand because I'm Korean 😭 But I'm trying to figure out 으아앙 영어 공부좀 할걸…ㅜㅜ

  7. I love this show, I want this guy on satellite tv

  8. What happen when we mistakenly swallow it?

  9. I've dissolved gum before by sleeping with gum in my mouth. so nasty. it gets all weird and sandy

  10. George, where does one buy soy lecithin powder and beeswax?

  11. i hate gum but i like to coat some beeswax in honey and chew it.

  12. hahaha love your video!!

  13. I'm chewing condom and car tires.

  14. i chewed a piece of gum for 1 day straight is it a world record?

  15. While watching this, I was putting resin on my bow so I could play my violin. I nearly puked on it.

  16. Can you give us the ingredients for this, so we can make our own?

  17. this is a good show.. and its really helpful to see a way to make an all natural alternative.
    keep it up!

  18. your teeth are harder than iron or steel @0:19 lol . As a civil Engineer , I can say this fact is shit.

    Can't wait for Ep8!

  20. I'm chewing gum while watching hiw chewy is a gummy and and thinking while I'm chewing it, my gumny

  21. i love me a man that can cook 😂

  22. It is only legit chewing gum if you make a bubble with it.

  23. Do what is in paper. Or ink. Or i dunno…

  24. wait what? Is teeth harder then iron and steel?

  25. This series is fun, educational and a must-see. Keep up the great work, George.

  26. Chewing gum is made from chicle its gum like substance made from a man I forgot his name tho

  27. do coca-cola plz like this to do iy

  28. being a mexican, it makes me feel weird when he pronounces "Chicle"

  29. I really enjoyed this. Can u do soft drinks like Pepsi and Coc, pls?!

  30. Another suggestion apart from the detergents… What are the ingredients of lens cleaning fluid?

  31. This series is so fun to watch.

  32. How do you put the video image thumbs at the end of your video? I can't figure it out on my channel.

  33. this video totally helped me with my molecules test
    thanks ^.^

  34. Can you do chips pls

  35. Would Axle tree gum work as well as Mastic gum?

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