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What The Hell Is Happening Over at Gawker 2.0?

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It would be a perfect Gawker story if it weren’t, uh, technically about Gawker: millionaire purchases a beloved website that used to mock him mercilessly after it was driven into bankruptcy by a vengeful billionaire, only to put it under the stewardship of someone with both a history of terrible tweets and the lack of foresight required to do a quick search-and-delete, leading to what seems to be total institutional chaos.

Such is the fate of New Gawker. In the wake of the website’s unceremonious death in August 2016, it was sold to Bryan Goldberg, an entrepreneur The New Yorker once described as “a giant six-year-old” and which Gawker itself once called a “clueless scamp.” Then, on Wednesday, just one week after (new) Gawker.com’s first four employees were announced, the Daily Beast reports that the site’s only two reporters have already stepped down due to another staffer making offensive and wholly inappropriate comments in the workplace.


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