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Traveling to New York City, a top list for what TO DO in NYC! Thanks to Chromebook for sponsoring this video! Find out more about the Chromebook here: https://goo.gl/JPiig5

What NOT TO DO in NEW YORK CITY: https://youtu.be/WhBOjWXv4q0

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Erik Conover is an adventure filmmaker living in New York City. Conover creates travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with documenting life in New York City while he is not on the road.

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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  1. My top things TO DO in New York City! This video is geared toward Summer activities, comment below your top things to do in the City and if I should make a fall NYC guide!

  2. Come on Actor's Studio!

  3. I had a hunch this was a chromebook commercial. I checked the description and I wasn’t wrong 😂

  4. what video camera model are you using? tnx

  5. I have the strange feeling of having watched this video before. Specially the Golden Hour part. Am I living in the future? Wonderful work as always. Proper New York exploring tips. Congratulations!

  6. Love Jazz music! You have a recommendations for local Jazz clubs???

  7. this was actually mindblowing O.O

  8. Outstanding description story

  9. hey dude you should travel to Malta in winter it dose not snow it like summer

  10. When I visited NYC years ago…I had the honor of visiting Tavern on the Green. We had it privately booked for a few hours. It was an incredible experience. I’ve heard it has since closed which is soooo sad. So much history there. Have you ever gone to the Central Park Zoo? Side note, I do miss hearing you sign off with “smile more, worry less, live your passion.” I’ve been watching your videos pretty much since you started the daily vlogs. I do miss them, but totally get the journey has changed and expanded and I’m super stoked for you. How’s Bubba? Miss seeing him and your mom and trips to Jersey. Take care Erik!

  11. Sir please come to pakistan . It is full of natural beauty . It has glaciers , lakes , beaches , green mountains and platuous . + it has deserts and worlds largest colD desert as well . #beautyofpakistan

  12. Run from mugger in Central Park, Run from mugger in Subway, Run from mugger in Queens, Run from mugger in Brooklyn, Run from Housewives in Manhattan, Run from Guido's in Staten Island and Run to JFK outta that f____n nuthouse!

  13. I wanna watch not famous part of the city , but the real ,boring ,charming NYC.

  14. Do you have any tips on what to do in the winter? I'm going there this winter and I've already done all the typical touristy-things before :/

  15. Hey guys just making sure, is the Staten Island Ferry Free?

  16. I think you might have to go to Italy for 'the original cappuccino'.

  17. Wtf the staten island ferry is free. I take it everyday

  18. I mean I usually just swing around…

  19. I get McDonald’s every time I’m in the city! Can’t beat the taste of a hot mcchicken!

  20. Is there a good luggage storage at JFK ? Only for a hand luggage.

  21. When my wife and I visited last year our main aim was to “live like a local” and we found some amazing restaurants and felt like we were the only tourists

  22. Try the party yacht cruise at night. Had so much fun. 2 1/2 hr cruise for only $30. Great views from the yacht, Goes under the brooklyn bridge & gets very close to statue of liberty.

  23. Thanks for putting me and my boy in ur video man 💫

  24. Just subscribed…I'm doing my graduate program in Dubai and once I'm done I'll try my best to move to NYC

  25. Do an video about sports in New York! All from the top league to the amateur leagues!

  26. love this video!! 🙂 big thumbs up! xoxoxo

  27. The Staten Island Ferry is free.

  28. i wonna b theeere 😭😭😭

  29. I should’ve watched this before I visited NYC! But will be back again because NYC blew me away!

  30. Hi Erik, love this video content. And love the city of New York. My other things to do is to go to China Town, Ellis Isand, and Little Italy. Sounds good I hope!


  32. you should do a video on where is the best places to stay in new york are

  33. Instagram is so incredibly helpful! How I find half my videos lol

  34. Great Video Eric!!! I did the free movie night and it was amazing… great atmosphere. One of the things I like to do when I am in NYC is to ride the subways trains… it gives the right idea of the fast paced of Manhattan.

  35. Good job with this vlog Erik! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  36. Please do a top things to do – Winter Edition! 🙂

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