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WHAT TO DO IN TAIWAN: Seafood Feast in Kaohsiung 旗津 | BEST Taiwanese Food!

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When visiting Taiwan for the first time most people will stay in Taipei. However only a short ride on the High Speed Rail is Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city. Situated on the southern end of the island Kaohsiung offers tourists lots of sights, including an endless array of seafood. Visiting Cijin Island is a must do when in Kaohsiung.

We went for a weekend getaway to eat some of the best food I’ve ever had in Taiwan. The crab was beyond amazing. Make sure to check it out in our blog post for more info on how to visit.


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  1. Looking for some suggestions of unique, local foods to try in Chiayi, Tainan or around Taiwan! Want to go deep and taste some street foods! Let me know!

  2. 15 dollar per parson? Great price Here it’s a plate lunch pre cooked.

  3. 以西方人來講,你很懂得吃美食

  4. nah not this episode bro… the food looks bland and unsexy as fuck.

  5. Very good food nice place for food and lots of nice food the place is nice clean place I miss all the food you both eat where we live in Spain we cannot get the. food you both act we only get the food when we go back for visiting our family in Singapore then we go enjoy what we want. Thank you for sharing Bless you all good video .

  6. XD是誰翻譯的。。。我的老天鵝阿XD

  7. luke martin you are so cute. 😘😘😘

  8. Great video, the crab looked amazing. Do you know what kind of crab?

  9. Hi Mr. Luke! i hope you can visit Philippines also. We have a lot of local foods to try. 😀 😀 😀

  10. Fresh seafoods in Taiwan delicious

  11. 你的筷子拿的很好!

  12. Look very good and the foods is great you both will enjoy it how on earth that you can eat so hot soup with out blowing it nice to watch you enjoy your foods very good thank you for sharing Bless you both .

  13. thanks for sharing your videos. It's fascinating that there is so much variety of food and the way it is cooked. You makes me feeling hungry even I just had my big dinner. Keep sharing

  14. Get bigger food ……..please I'm blind lol

  15. Being young is no excuse for being ignorant. He put a Japanese Enka music as background for a Taiwan memorial museum. He said because he liked the music. Someone mentioned Taiwan was invaded, brutally treated and colonised by the Japanese. However, the Taiwanese have been brainwashed not only not to feel ashamed but honoured to be part of Japan and continue to be grateful and adore the Japanese. If you make a video on China or any other country that was invaded and occupied by Japan and use a Japanese music, you'll get a backlash.

  16. 高雄的旗津是海鮮最棒的地方 推薦東港的華僑市場 海鮮也超棒喔~

  17. how do you eat all that street food without getting a parasite. I have heard so many horror stories about parasitic infection from street food in Asia.

  18. you literally say everything melts in your mouth……….

  19. How do u have all the money to go those countries

  20. I thought about skipping Taipei and just getting off the plane and heading straight down to Kaohsiung! Great video!

  21. Hahaha, You cracks me up…Love you guys and love your show as well!!! :)))

  22. nice video Luke….. I'm HUNGRY 😱

  23. I lived by the ferry to Cijin for 6 months back in 2013… loved it there

  24. the crab head is the best part to eat…

  25. may i know the background song?

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