What To Expect As Trump’s Impeachment Trial Gets Underway | NBC Nightly News

There is still uncertainty if new witnesses and evidence will be allowed during the impeachment process. Just some of the rules Senators will have to comply with: no cell phones, no standing and no talking.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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What To Expect As Trump’s Impeachment Trial Gets Underway | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I guess Trump had it right when he told People Magazine in 1998 that Republicans were the "dumbest" voters. They are working hard to prove it in these comments.

  2. The  impeachment  hearing  gets hilarious: Democrats  want  to call their  witnesses of choosing and also want  to govern witnesses for  the  defence. This apart from holding house impeachment behind  closed doors not  allowing the  president any defense. Now for a second  time, no defence for the President..😁😂😅

  3. Democrats: You can't deny these articles or that Trump should be kicked out because of them – and you haven't even tried, beyond sticking your fingers in your ears.
    Republicans: Well, we control the senate, so you and the rest of the country can eat middle fingers.
    Republican voters: They proved he did nothing wrong! The moral majority wins!

  4. Trump distraction #1: Drone strike
    Trump distraction #2: Travel to Switzerland

  5. Enough of the DEMS and False Media coverage about the HOAX being called Impeachment. Where is your coverage of the CNN settlement of the Covington Teen Lawsuit. OH wait, you likely can't report anything since you are next on the chopping block for the Covington Teen's Attorney. HAHAHA and to think years ago, OK many years ago, you were well respected as a new agency. Now you're just simply laughable. You guys are getting really close to the caliber of the tabloid rags at the grocery store check-outs.

  6. Never trust a politician or a Lawyer they are mostly corrupt

  7. Trump is the best president we've ever had

  8. Trump. You organized it, the persecution and the hunt for the US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovavich. She was threatened by Parnassus, Giuliani, Poroshenko, Lutsenko, Avakov and other Jewish billionaires. They attacked a lonely defenseless woman, like a flock of jackals. she’s an honest and fair ambassador, she told you. In Mariupol, at the request of his father, they do not raise a coffin for the exhumation of his son, a military officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Help father. and you, Trump, did not help your father, stalked a woman against a woman, and relieved you of your position. Scum you are done, not the president. Now, your wife will be executed and your son will be SEPARATED alive in a zinc coffin and buried. And you will not be touched. Torment yourself. and remember the drama in Mariupol.

  9. Here is some news you won't get from MSNBC:

    President Trump was taken to task by the media for saying “corrupt or incompetent” Puerto Rico officials badly mismanaged relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but it turns out that he was on the money.

    The island has been rocked by the discovery of a warehouse full of emergency supplies that have been sitting untouched since the massive storm in 2017


  10. Still nobody is able to say exactly what Trump was doing is so wrong?

  11. What to expect, nothing they say.

    NBC: Nothing But Crap

  12. Alan Dershowitz made the same argument in 1998 and contradicts everything on Constitutional high crimes and misdemeanors. It will be interesting to hear what the Democrat Managers do with that argument. It's moot.

  13. Ignore the comments from anti-american socialist antifa supporters who still live home with mommie.

  14. The 6 page letter from Trump's legal team was partisan and not based on Evidence, or witness testimony. So, we can scrap that from this case.

  15. So after months of denial Trump's defence is going to be that what he did (an admission) doesn't rise to the level of Impeachment? Two of the lawyers who will argue that demanded witnesses and stated that no crime is required for Impeachment in 1988. What is wrong with the Republicans? Aren't they the "law and order" party?

  16. Isn’t the capital reason for 3 branches of government, “checks and balances”? Then where is the Judicial Branch? Other than possibly war, which we have had many, is there anything more important to the nation than Presidential Impeachment, which we’ve had only 3 in our nation’s history? Why wouldn’t the Judicial Branch temporally suspend all other activity other than answering the questions asked of it by the other 2 branches of government to guarantee a full fair impeachment to the other 2 branches and the nation with all the pertinent questions decided and answered? How can there be a free, fair, and informed Impeachment result without the immediate pending Constitutional questions decided and answered? Like can the Presidential Branch stonewall the Congressional Branches subpoenas for witnesses, documents, and other critical questions asked or assumed by the other 2 branch’s decided and answered? Absents is not acceptable, get off your self-important sanctimonious cans and get the nations immediate critically important work done so we can honestly move on with all questions and assumptions answered.

  17. This presidency has been a walk through Dante's Inferno

  18. Trump looking to Dershowitz for a glove that doesn't fit.
    Moscow Mitch is on all fours looking for it.

  19. Expect the Dems to try and usurp the Constitution….

  20. Cant wait for the next Trump Rally!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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