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What will happen with your mortgage during the COVID-19 pandemic? | Coronavirus Conversations, EP6

How will the CARES Act will impact your mortgage, what are things like in Florida and where can you buy the essentials?
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  1. Hey, can you do a video on this, popular YouTube family dad/husband from The Family Fudge has actually been charged with lying to police officers following the murder of two dogs. https://www.fugitive.com/2013/12/31/jonathan-christ-charged-for-allegedly-covering-up-his-father-killing-of-neighbors-dogs/

  2. Why don't you informed them that with everyone in "lock-down" and unable to work and earn money… and if they don't want the bureaucratic nightmare of millions of defaulted house mortgages and car financings….they must impost a temporary TOTAL FREEZE on the financial system. The bank informed me that my plan has been implemented and all payments are on "hold" until July (for starters)! Wow! Some good has come of all this. The freeze should be worldwide and apply to all rental flees and a large portion of utilitiy bills as well!!

  3. Covid19 is a great marketing ploy. It's a nice coverup and distraction from currency worthlessness and the ultimate wealth-grab by the bankster oligarchs.

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