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What You Should Know About The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dr. John Torres breaks down all the need-to-know information about the virus causing a global panic.
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What You Should Know About The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW


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  1. Why they dont ask the world for help extra nurses and doctors from around the world to give the nurses and doctors a break or even lighting thr load 😦😦😦😦😦

  2. Do you mean to tell me we have a vaccine till a year

  3. Don't compare the disease doc.. whe don't knkw with who we deal.. btw thanks for info

  4. This guy sounds professional but the information is flawed. Then why do healthcare providers wear N95 masks in hospitals? You can't compare the flu deaths to 2019- nCOV mainly because the numbers coming out of China are unreliable. NBC when are you guys going to learn? Stop treating people like we're stupid.

  5. I live in texas and im coughing and have a Runny nose.

  6. Down playing this comparing it to flu is disgusting, it spreads faster than the flu and kills 40% of people under hospital care,, probably 95% of people without care…. its also been found its a man made super virus probably from the level 4 facility in Wuhan you can still see the gene editing method they used in its DNA…

  7. NBC has the power to disseminate real facts, but they also broadcast fake news. Go to the CDC. Better info. Fewer lies.

  8. watch truthnews on utube for real facts – this is global depopulation plan in motion, china is concealing the real numbers because they shoot dead the infected to not report them dead by virus but by bullet.

  9. Would people trust that vacine?or we are their experimental pigs. Next thing you know a leg will fall off.i Bet anything this virus was around 1month or more before China even said anything.

  10. Post numbers vs pre numbers; based on 2 months?

  11. Thanx NBC, pee on our shoes and tell us it's raining. Corporate liars.

  12. Everyone in the US need to buy extra food just in case you need to stay home for a long period of time. Better to be safe than sorry. Better to have and not need it than to need and not have it, that is the way I was raised. Both my parents were raised during the depression. Get more food and stay HOME.

  13. What's this I hear about a virus?

  14. Anti vaxx people will call this the effects of vaccines and be the reason why do many people whille die

  15. Just do what The simpsons did and put a giant glass dome over China

  16. Did someone spread the new coronavirus on purpose? I feel so. The feeling that a mask can protect a virus is strange. I know why it doesn't spread the virus to others, and if it's to protect your throat, it's like entertainment in a show of eradication with flashy performance.
    I usually live in poverty, so I have only a devised life.
    So I don't think you should give too much fear or stress when you get sick. He keeps his body condition with ginger, shiso, leek, wasabi and garlic that are familiar to him. What about the Japanese wasabi? I checked myself and looked at it. There may have been some hints in Fabre's Insect, and I think it was important to take lemonade when I was looking for water and nuclear pollution and measles in the United States. Hunger and sleep are your biggest weapons when you have no money to buy.

  17. and don't kiss them either , run run now.

  18. Lies. Lies. Lies. This bug is very deadly. You don’t build stadium sized hospitals in a matter of weeks; quarantine 50 million people; and send out armies of people and drones to disinfect entire cities for a bug that is not as deadly as flu. These are 100% lies.

  19. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5fbcuG6DvM for some very enlightening information in this matter.

  20. Is this what they are doing. They publicize a "fake" disease outbreak to scare the population into going and getting the vaccine to prevent the outbreak…then ….badda bing…(and I cannot stress this enough) badda boom…You got a large amount of the population infected with this virus. Past proves….operation: successful

  21. Remember Ebola? Ya that’s all this is. Few more weeks, if that, and it’ll be gone not to be heard again just like Ebola. It’s a smoke screen

  22. What they need to learn is stop eating bat, civets and carnivores animals.

  23. More people died in the past two days from natural causes than this crap. People drop like flys from numerous things when the world population is in the billions. Should we be scared. Natural selection.

  24. More fake news. It's a bioweapon that came from their viral facility in Wuhan. Look at the drastic measures being taken, unprecedented in History. The death toll is much higher than being reported.

  25. Once again the Chinese’s slow response like in the early 2000s is the reason this situation is so bad.Propaganda run amok

  26. Keep some Cod Liver Oil in the house… It can help w/the cleaning of the Lungs, but like anything, too much can be Toxic.. This is not a cure for the Flu.. Just Me! Love Self, Protect Life, Peace…
    It's 2020, things like this will happen in Big Countries… Pray for Rain… Live for Peace..!

  27. Scary that ppl will believe this ignorant man.

  28. When was this thing made? He says 200 deaths when it is over 500. This misses the exponential increase in infections and deaths. If everyone gets this virus and only 2.1% die, that will be 150,000,000 deaths world wide.

  29. Sounds like he is more interested in supporting the Chinese and WHO agenda more than giving a true representation of the current situation and the scary trajectory of this virus.

  30. Why did China suddenly freak out when the numbers were low they had to know something they aren't telling

  31. I'm getting impeachment hearing vote text instead of the correct subtitles for this video.

  32. Liars liar pants on fire, what we know do about this virus is that you don’t have to touch anything, you just have to be in close proximity to an infectious carrier for a few seconds in order to contract it.

  33. The surgical mask still stop crap landing on your lips and you licking ur lips as U talk

  34. They say weed cures Tha virus

  35. Yeah and Chinese buffets are still full

  36. Update: Smart people predict:
    Z Virus to hit 2030. Outbreak starts in CCP China.

  37. Only turning vegan will save the world..

  38. US expert says surgical mask is useless to prevent getting coronavirus but in Hong Kong the expert says you
    need to wear a mask in order to go out from home, so who is truth?

  39. So how do they actually identify THE “CoronaVirus “ vs A CoronaVirus? How do they identify CoronaVirus vs virus? They do “tests” but objectively what are they looking to find??? If someone had an agenda to scare people couldn’t they just call your bad cold a CoronaVirus? I’m starting to think that fear is a major component of the bio weapon that is the CoronaVirus. Only the creators of the virus are able to confirm it. No one has been diagnosed posthumously. The low spread rate seems to be directly related to the limited ability of the specialists to interact with their patients (test subjects). Remember this is a bio weapon from Wuhan and remember propaganda is also a weapon.

    (That opening rendering is not a picture. )

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