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What’s Going on With This Sexy Shirtless Lincoln Statue?

"Young Lincoln" statue.

“Young Lincoln” statue.
Photo: GSA

Recently a photo of a young, shirtless, hot Abraham Lincoln began making the rounds on Twitter, originally posted by screenwriter Zack Wentz. The statue is not new; “Young Lincoln” has been sitting out front of the Los Angeles Courthouse for quite some time. But nonetheless, his new online popularity caused me to really ponder something I hadn’t thought about since Daniel Day Lewis gave his Oscar-winning performance: Was Abe Lincoln hot?

This depiction of Lincoln certainly qualifies him as a babe. He’s got tousled hair and a decently defined arms-shoulders-chest situation. He’s got big hands and is carrying a hardbound book. If I spotted him at Central Park, I’d probably gaze at him and wonder if he had an Instagram account.


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